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Fish Hatchery Manager

California State University

California ,  California

Under the lead oversight of the Chair of the Department of Fisheries Biology, the incumbent is responsible for the continuous year-round operation of the Humboldt State University recirculating instructional Fish Hatchery. The position involves lead oversight of the fish rearing/recirculating water system function and associated student assistants, academic year instructional support, administrative responsibility, and community/professional service.

Duties: Duties for this position are focused on the following broad categories: (a) Routine facility and fish culture activities (35%), (b) instructional and research support (35%), (c) administrative and lead oversight responsibilities (20%), and (d) community and professional service (10%). Routine fish culture activities include spawning, incubating, rearing, feeding, and disease treatment of salmonid fishes reared at the hatchery. The hatchery manager is responsible for ensuring continuous operation of pumps, filters, and all equipment related to the water system. Instructional support consists of preparation of fish, tanks, and materials for laboratory sessions held at the fish hatchery, and assisting students and faculty with research projects relying on hatchery fish and/or facilities. Administrative and lead oversight tasks include developing an appropriate fish rearing program to meet departmental instructional needs; maintaining records of fish production, water quality, treatments, feeding, and personnel schedules; training and supervision of student assistants who assist in hatchery operations; preparing Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC) protocols for routine hatcheries operations and assisting faculty and students in preparation of IACUC protocols for other hatchery activities using fish. Community service includes coordination of tours and activities for local schools, providing technical advice on trout rearing to pond owners, and coordination of fish stocking with California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Currently, the hatchery manager typically works two or three weekends during the fall semester to meet instructional support needs; part of four or five weekends during spring semester while eggs are incubating and fry are starting on feed; and rotates with student assistants to provide care on holidays. The hatchery manager maybe called upon to direct fish culture or recirculating water system problems 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledge of key considerations in operation of successful hatchery systems used for propagation of freshwater fish. These include calculation of feed rations and loading densities given fish sizes and configurations of rearing units, assessment of water quality and operation of systems to maintain adequate water quality, and knowledge of mechanical equipment (incubators, UV units, pumps, filters) required to operate the systems. Knowledge of basic carpentry & plumbing skills and associated tools. The applicant must possess computer skills. The applicant must possess a valid driver’s license and be able to lift at least 60 pounds. Ability to successfully interact with faculty and students, including ability to assist faculty and students with development of research projects relying on hatchery facilities and to assist in preparation of technical reports or manuscripts concerning research carried out in the hatchery. Ability to communicate effectively with diverse populations.

Minimum Qualifications: Experience & Education: Equivalent to two years of college with 16 semester units in courses relevant to operation of fish hatcheries and propagation of fish may be substituted for one year of the required experience. (2 years college + 16 relevant units + 3 years experience)


Equivalent to four years of college with 16 semester units in courses relevant to operation of fish hatcheries and propagation of fish may be substituted for two years of the required experience. (4 years college + 16 highly relevant units + 2 years experience)

Preferred Qualifications: Advanced degree (e.g., MS) in Fisheries Biology, Aquaculture or related field. Experience in execution of scientific research in a hatchery setting and in preparation of associated technical reports. Direct experience in culture and husbandry of salmonid fishes. Knowledge of IACUC protocols. Experience in purchasing, budgeting, and supervision of employees.

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