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Research Associate

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Wilmington ,  North Carolina

Summary of Position
Expectations for this position are the competent conduct of research in the appropriate area of expertise culminating in one or more peer reviewed journal articles. Duties include oversight of research projects and personnel, including acquisition of appropriate permits and licenses; management and leadership of field work at a small marine field station at various parts of the year, including personnel, activities, logistics, equipment maintenance and marine safety; ability to design and deploy electronic telemetry devices on large marine vertebrates and interpretation of resulting data; interaction with funding agencies at national and international levels; oversight of budgets; project management; training and mentoring of graduate and undergraduate students, as well as research assistants; writing proposals and manuscripts; writing reports (including data analysis and higher level interpretation); conducting in-depth and higher-level analysis as appropriate to funding agencies; conducting research in field and lab settings. Additional duties include extensive fieldwork (often at international field sites and mostly at sea), oversight of marine operations and logistics, oversight of project budgets and personnel, writing reports (including data analysis and interpretation), writing grants, mentoring graduate and undergraduate students, operation and maintenance of precision lab instrumentation, and day to day lab management.

Minimum Requirements
PhD in Marine Biology, Marine Science, Environmental Science or related field; >5 years’ experience working at sea doing surveys, animal sampling and field collections; experience in conducting both field and laboratory experiments; experience with animal telemetry systems and tagging of large marine vertebrates; experience with gas chromatography; experience with management of research projects; experience with grant writing and obtaining grant funding; experience with data analysis and interpretation; experience with report and manuscript preparation and presentation of scientific data; evidence of student mentorship.

Preferred Qualifications
Experience with offshore navigation; ability to operate and maintain small vessels; ability to operate zooplankton nets and haulers; ability to operate and maintain a gas solubility apparatus and gas chromatograph.

Primary Function of Organizational Unit
The Department of Biology and Marine Biology is a major contributor to the teaching, research, and public service missions of the University of North Carolina Wilmington. We offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs that convey a rigorous and up-to-date understanding of the concepts, principles and theories of the biological sciences and provide our students with knowledge of basic investigative skills and methods of biological inquiry. In our research function, we contribute new insights to fundamental biological processes, from general biological principles, to coastal and marine environments, to biomedical sciences. Where possible, we focus on biological phenomena that impact on the quality of life in our region and the nation. In our public service roles we lend our professional expertise to individuals and organizations working for the improvement of the human condition, especially those agencies committed to the environment. In a liberal arts education Biology is of fundamental importance. It provides the student with an understanding of living systems from the level of the ecosystem down to the molecule. For both majors and non-majors the study of biology encourages exploration of personal as well as professional interests. We recognize that our biology classes are particularly important for our non-majors; in their classes we emphasize the biological understanding needed to function successfully as consumers, citizens, and parents in the 21st century.

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