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Wildlife Area Technician

State of Ohio

Greene County ,  Ohio

The Division of Wildlife mission is to conserve and improve fish and wildlife resources and their habitats for sustainable use and appreciation by all.


The Division of Wildlife is a direct descendant of the Ohio Fish Commission, which was created by the General Assembly in 1873 to deal with declining fish populations in Ohio's inland lakes and streams. In 1949 the Division was joined with other state conservation agencies under the mantle of the newly created Department of Natural Resources.

Division of Wildlife projects are carried out by a team of nearly 500 trained personnel. We face many challenges in the pursuit of our goal to ensure an abundance of high quality wildlife experiences for today's Ohioans and for future generations. Land acquisition, harvest regulations, and licensing are fundamental tools in the management of Ohio's wildlife resources.

Our division manages or cooperates in managing over three-quarters of a million acres of diverse wildlife lands throughout the state, plus more than 2 1/4 million acres of water. On the basis of biological data and public input, we issue regulations that supplement long-term statutes to protect wildlife and to provide the public with opportunities to benefit from wildlife for recreational, scientific, and other purposes.


Performs a variety of wildlife management practices for upland, forestland & wetland wildlife: assists area supervisor with project planning for public & private land; transports equipment from area to area of the district/state to perform job duties & carry out work assignments; performs mechanical & chemical vegetation control, controlled burning, plowing, disking, tree cutting, no-till, prairie management, dove field management, conventional seeding, select cutting & timber stand improvement; applies pesticides, plants food plots & trees; uses Geographic Information System [GIS] (e.g. reports, publications, factsheets, maps, management plans) to understand habitat changes, plan projects, preserve historical information; maintains dikes & water level control structures, constructs brush piles; constructs, erects & maintains nest structure; conducts field inspections & prepares necessary reports; releases pheasants & turkeys; traps, ages, sexes & bands waterfowl, barn owls, mourning doves & turkeys uses box net & remote detonator); assists with deer check stations (e.g., ages & sexes deer, conducts hunter bag checks); conducts wildlife surveys (e.g., audio-visual, road kill, tally pole); completes research surveys (e.g., nest structure utilization, furbearer sexing & aging, grouse, turkey, woodcock, barn owls, dove, waterfowl population); performs data collections; assists in evaluation & developing wetland habitat using laser plane level; compiles information, prepares & submits necessary reports; works with private landowners to identify wildlife damage to crops & recommends control measures; captures; handles & transports wild animals (e.g., injured, orphaned, nuisance, sick).

Assists wildlife area supervisor in project coordination: acts as lead worker (e.g., seasonal, volunteer workers) on four wildlife areas totaling approximately 8,000 acres; assists wildlife area supervisor (e.g., training, scheduling, monitoring work of seasonal & volunteer workers); assists with monitoring compliance on co-op farming & timber sale agreements; assists with reports (e.g., vehicle, activity); secures controlled burning permits; identifies vegetation & assists with cover mapping of wildlife areas.

Performs grounds maintenance of public use facilities (e.g., mows & trims grass, picks up trash, erects signs); maintains buildings (e.g., cleans, removes trash), parking lots (e.g., pick up trash, mowing, use chemicals for weed control), access roads (e.g., mowing, down tree removal, tree/brush trimming), target ranges (e.g., pick up trash, use chemicals for weed control, replace targets), trails (e.g., mowing, remove hazards, tree/brush removal); maintains vehicles & equipment (e.g., trucks, large tractors, chainsaws, bulldozers, backhoes, mowers, planters, disks, plows, farm equipment) used in habitat management (e.g., check fluids, replace hoses & belts, clean & was vehicles & equipment); operates & maintains watercraft and outboard motors when required; maintains stationary shop & hand held power tools, hand tools, welders; performs carpentry (e.g., accurately measures & cuts boards, repairs wooden signs, build artificial nesting structure); performs plumbing (e.g., repair toilets, replace damaged water lines, clear drains); performs vehicle inspections (e.g., tire inflation, inspect belts, hoses, lights & horns); updates maintenance records; maintains inventory records on maintenance parts & fluids; drives state vehicle to get from area to area of the state (e.g., drive to job site, attend meetings & training, run errands, pick up & drop off equipment).

Answers inquiries from the public & distributes general information; assists area supervisor with planning, conducting & presenting area tours & talks to school groups, sportsman clubs & the general public on wildlife habitat management & research activities; assists personnel from other sections (e.g., wildlife officers with wildlife violations, oversees shooting ranges as needed, set-up, construct and man displays at events) works at shooting range operation (e.g., maintains & operates range as needed); dispatch sick & injured wildlife; picks up & disposes of road kill (e.g., deer, skunks, raccoons, opossum); assists fish unit with streambank stabilization project & electrofishing surveys.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT REQUIRED TO REMAIN IN THE CLASSIFICATION AFTER EMPLOYMENT: Pesticide applicator license as issued by Department of Agriculture within 1 year of hire; must obtain & maintain commercial driver's license to operate motorized equipment of size & type regulated by Section 4506 of Ohio Revised Code within six months of hire to remain in this classification with specific class & endorsements required pursuant to position description on file

UNUSUAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Exposed to inclement weather; pesticides & herbicides; diseased or dead animals.

Minimum Qualifications

Completion of associate core program in wildlife management or related field of study
-AND a valid driver's license.

-Or 12 mos. experience in wildlife habitat & conservation activities to include wildlife habitat evaluation, preparation & implementation of wildlife plans, capturing, tagging & collecting data from wildlife species, assisting with wildlife research activities & operation of associated equipment; AND a valid driver's license.

-Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications For Employment noted above.

Major Worker Characteristics

Knowledge of: (3) inventory control, (9a) lead work, (10) safety practices (Material Safety Data Sheets [MSDS], (Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations [OSHA], equipment operation, chemical application, care & handling of animals, poisonous plants & animals, weather hazards including nighttime visibility, department, division safety policies & procedures*), (13b) agency policies & procedures (department, division) *, (20) natural resources (wildlife management practices).

Skilled in: (25a) word processing (Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, operation of GIS software package), (29) equipment operation (global positioning satellite [GPS], geographic information systems [GIS], **watercraft, & outboard motors, personal computer, general office equipment, pick-up trucks, four-wheel drive trucks, bulldozers, backhoes, tractors, farm equipment, dump truck with trailer, riding mowers, push mowers, sprayer, spreader, hand & power tools, tillers, box net & remote detonator, laserplane level).

Ability to: (30h) apply principles to solve practical, everyday problems; (31d) add, subtract, multiply & divide whole numbers; (32l) maintain accurate records; (33e) gather, collate & classify information about data, people, or things; (34c) co-operate with co-workers on group projects; (35a) demonstrate strength to lift up to 100lbs (e.g., deer carcass, construction material, repair parts for equipment

(Valid Class A Commercial Driver's License with air brake endorsement within 6 months of hire (any combination of vehicles with a combined gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 lbs. or more, if the gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle or vehicles being towed is in excess of 10,000 lbs.)

Pesticide applicator license within 1 year of hire

**Ohio Boater Education Certificate may be required Per ORC 1547.05.

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