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Forestry Manager

Green Energy Team

Lihue ,  Hawaii

The Forestry Manager is responsible for the overall management of the forestry operations which includes the plantations, biomass production, and mechanics department. The goal of this job is to assure a long-term and stable supply of biomass to the plant within budget.

The job includes, but is not limited to:

  • Planning

The long-term planning shows the chronological locations of forestry activities, the expected biomass yields, the expected means of operations and the estimated fuel consumption of the plant. The long-term planning is typically updated every quarter unless specific circumstances require it to be updated more often.

The mid-term planning is done on a field per field basis. The mid-term planning is always done for, at least, the following 6 months and contains a planning for different fields and different scenarios (weather based). A mid-term planning is comprised of: (1) a Field Map divided into compartment maps showing access, boundaries, features, acreage, landing areas and falling directions. This plan is made with input of the Field Operations Manager. (2) A photograph and video report of the state of the Field including all features before activities start, and (3) a Logging Plan showing a planning and budget for access preparation, felling, stacking, chipping, stump removal, hauling and an estimation of the total biomass yield.

  • Budgeting and budget control

Based on the annual company budget, you will develop a forestry operations budget and a Field budget. You will control compliance with this budget through recording of time sheets and Field Sheets provided by the Field Operations Manager and approval of all forestry-related invoices and credit card receipts. You will discuss budget compliance for Fields that are in production on an ongoing basis with the Field Operations Manager and jointly look for solutions and improvements.

  • Contract management

You will be responsible to manage the contracts that are in place for the forestry operations.

  • Land leases: make and file reports, conduct inspections, review compliance, answer questions, negotiate and review insurance, etc.
  • Contracts for specific work: review compliance, negotiate in case of problems, keep insurance certificates, bonds ea. up to date, review job sheets etc.
  • Equipment rental contracts: negotiate prices, make picture report before and after rental, settle problems, report rain-outs, handle claims, etc.
  • Other contracts.
  • Asset management

You will manage all assets of the forestry department:

  • Equipment: Review CMMS (supervise workshop activities), annual OSHA check; keep track of registration, taxes and insurance; keep track of lifecycle; negotiate replacement and new equipment etc.
  • Buildings: annual OSHA check, keep track of compliance with applicable laws and regulations, insurance etc.
  • Human Resources
    • Employee time management. Record time into payroll software, keep track of PTO and overtime.
    • Keep employee files and audit compliance.
    • Assist in hiring and firing employees in your division.
    • File and audit all safety paperwork submitted to you by Field Operations Manager and Master Mechanic.
  • Assistance of Field Operations Manager.

The Field Operations Manager is handling the day to day organization of the felling, stacking, chipping, stump removal and hauling. You will provide immediate support to the Field Operations Manager for matters within your qualifications.

  • Reporting

You will report monthly to the General Manager, and more often if needed, regarding Planning, Budget, Contracts and Assets.

Job Requirements

This job requires a broad skillset ranging from excellent in-field (technical) experience, inter-personal communication, financial and legal knowledge. In addition, you must be a people manager and a problem solver, able to work under stress. You preferably have experience in a leadership position.

You must be fluent in using the following software: Arc Map 10.2 or higher, excel and other Microsoft applications, CMMS software.


In this position, your annual base salary will be $75,000.

To apply

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