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Wetland Scientist

Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc

Portland, OR

$70,000 - $175,000 -- Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc -- Support multiple projects, complete and lead technical fieldwork, draft reports, and manage projects while also serving in a support role for multi-...

10 days ago

Natural Resource Associate

Thompson & Associates Wetland Services

South Milwaukee, WI

$18 /hour -- Thompson & Associates Wetland Services -- Assist in environmental oversight of utility projects in southeastern Wisconsin....

24 days ago

Restoration Specialist

The Wetlands Initiative

Hennepin, IL

$40,000 -- The Wetlands Initiative -- Conduct year-round prairie, wetland, and savanna restoration....

16 days ago

Habitat Restoration Technician

Soil Ecology and Restoration Group

San Diego, CA

$22.10 /hour -- Soil Ecology and Restoration Group -- Implement habitat restoration projects, including remove non-native species manually, mechanically, or chemically, install erosion control materia...

3 days ago

ROW Field Biologist | Western US


Denver, CO

$20 - $25 /hour -- ACRT, Inc -- Conduct field surveys (vegetative, pollinators, etc.) along utility corridors in remote, suburban, or urban environments....

3 days ago

Crew Member: Ecological Monitoring in Farmington, NM

Southwest Conservation Corps

Farmington, NM

$600-$640 /week + $120 /week housing allowance + $1,718.25 education award -- Southwest Conservation Corps -- Participate in and contribute to all aspects of data collection, management, and q...

3 days ago

Noxious Weed Inspector

Mason County Noxious Weed Control Board

Shelton, WA

$17-$20 /hour -- Mason County Noxious Weed Control Board -- Identify noxious weeds, collect data, communicate with landowners, prescribe control methods, handle, and apply herbicides, document treatme...

4 days ago

Crew Lead: Ecological Monitoring

Southwest Conservation Corps

Carlsbad, NM

$840 - $880 /week + $60 /week housing allowance -- Southwest Conservation Corps -- Support and manage the field crew’s risk management, schedule, scientific integrity, efficiency, and professional d...

4 days ago

Crew Member: Ecological Monitoring in Carlsbad, New Mexico

Southwest Conservation Corps

Carlsbad, NM

$600-$640 /week + $120 - $180 /week housing allowance + $3,247.50 education award -- Southwest Conservation Corps -- Conduct vegetation monitoring using the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Terres...

4 days ago


Stillwater Sciences

Berkeley or Davis, CA

$55,000-$76,000 -- Stillwater Sciences -- Assist in watershed assessment, resource inventory, impact analysis, and natural resource management planning projects....

5 days ago

Habitat Restoration Project Coordinator

Tillamook Estuaries Partnership

Garibaldi, OR

$37,200 - $53,000 -- Tillamook Estuaries Partnership ( TEP) -- Assess, conserve, and restore watershed habitats including estuarine, non-estuarine wetland, in-stream, riparian, and upland habitats, an...

5 days ago

Native Plant Nursery Coordinator

Tillamook Estuaries Partnership

Garibaldi, OR

$37,200 - $53,000 -- Tillamook Estuaries Partnership (TEP) -- Coordinate our native plant nursery operations with the needs of restoration organizations along the Oregon coast....

5 days ago

USDA-ARS Student Internship in Mycology & Plant Pathology

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Beltsville, MD

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) -- Evaluate and analyze biodiversity data for plant-associated fungi from various hosts and locations, including DNA barcodes, evaluate fungal type specimens for...

5 days ago

Natural Areas Steward

University of Richmond

Richmond, VA

$46,000-$61,000 -- University of Richmond -- Oversee the design, care and management of the Eco-Corridor and nearby natural areas, while supporting critical education, engagement, well-being, and cons...

6 days ago

Wetland/Environmental Scientist

TNT Environmental, Inc.

Chantilly, VA

$50,000 - $65,000 -- TNT Environmental, Inc. -- Conduct and manage routine to complex wetland and natural resource projects....

6 days ago

USDA-ARS Research Opportunity in Weed Biological Control

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Frederick, MD

*Applications may be reviewed on a rolling-basis. ARS Office/Lab and Location: A research opportunity is currently available within the U.S. Department of Agricu...

6 days ago

Restoration Technician

Eco-Resource Consulting, Inc,

Stoughton, WI

$18 - $20 /hour -- Eco-Resource Consulting, Inc, -- Conduct field work on ecological restoration project sites. Data collection may be in support of wetland determination/delineation, wildlife habita...

19 days ago

Farm Manager

Walker Basin Conservancy

Smith Valley, NV

$55,000-$69,000 -- Walker Basin Conservancy -- Operate our native seed farm and demonstration projects and work closely with the Field Operations Director, Conservancy Leadership Team and consultants ...

11 days ago

Master of Natural Resources

Virginia Tech

Online & Hybrid

Earn your Master's in 1 year. Gain credentials and competencies while maintaining your work/life balance. Career coaching available to all students.