Restoration Jobs 101 Jobs

Crew Member - Fall

Utah Conservation Corps

Logan, UT

$1630 - $1650 /month + $1,718.25 - $3,247.50 education award -- Utah Conservation Corps -- Conduct trail construction and maintenance, invasive species management, and habitat restoration....

17 days ago

Project Manager

Ca. Land Stewardship Institute

Napa, CA

$70,000-$85,000 -- Ca. Land Stewardship Institute -- Implement the Fish Friendly Farming (FFF) program for both irrigated lands and rangeland, implement the Climate Adaptation Certification program, p...

19 days ago

Invasive Species Field Associate

Maui Invasive Species Committee

Paia, HI

$17.30 /hour -- Maui Invasive Species Committee -- Install PVC pipelines, vegetation management, control/management of invasive species, interact with community members, and maintain detailed records ...

2 days ago

Restoration Crew Leader


Asheville, NC

$18.50 /hour -- EcoForesters -- Assist landowners with the stewardship practices of their forests primarily through the control of nonnative invasive plants, often with the use of herbicides and hand ...

2 days ago

Fall Women's+ Chainsaw Crew Member

Southwest Conservation Corps

Durango, CO

$600 /week -- Southwest Conservation Corps -- Conduct projects including hazardous fuels reduction, habitat restoration, forest stand improvement, invasive species removal and local environmental serv...

2 days ago

Online Ecosystem Management graduate programs

Penn State World Campus

100% Online

Prepare to lead the management of natural resources and keep up with rapid changes in applications and methodology by earning an Ecosystem Management degree or certificate online through Penn State World Campus.

CG Coral Farm Project Manager

Coral Gardeners

Mo'orea, French Polynesia, Other

Coral Gardeners -- Grow and outplant corals allowing reef-scale restoration, and to improve the outcome of coral restoration by learning how nursery conditions, coral species and genotypes, and enviro...

2 days ago

Conservation Crew Member

American Conservation Experience

Flagstaff, AZ

Summary: American Conservation Experience, a non-profit conservation corps with a divisional branch in Flagstaff, Arizona, is looking for members to come join our team of young adults serv...

2 days ago

Field (Trails) Instructor

Rocky Mountain Field Institute

Colorado Springs, CO

$15-$18 /hour -- Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI) -- Implement RMFI’s trail, restoration, and education field programs....

3 days ago

Kellogg Dam Removal Community Engagement Coordinator

North Clackamas Watersheds Council

Milwaukie, OR

$18,300 + $6,895 education award -- North Clackamas Watersheds Council -- Engage the community in the Kellogg Creek Restoration & Community Engagement Project, a regionally significant dam removal an...

3 days ago

Habitat Restoration Technician

Soil Ecology and Restoration Group

San Diego, CA

$22.10 /hour -- Soil Ecology and Restoration Group -- Implement habitat restoration projects, including remove non-native species manually, mechanically, or chemically, install erosion control materia...

3 days ago

Mountain Forestry Coordinator


Beverly Hills, CA

$20 /hour -- TreePeople -- Organize, manage and facilitate restoration, planting and care events, and monitor the progress at restoration sites....

3 days ago

California Program Manager - Northern Sierra

National Forest Foundation

Quincy, CA

$72,433 - $97,745 -- National Forest Foundation -- Lead a team of up to five program coordinators and responsible for developing and managing the implementation of complex community protection and for...

3 days ago

Habitat Restoration Project Manager

Laguna Canyon Foundation

Laguna Beach, CA

$55,000 - $65,000 -- Laguna Canyon Foundation (LCF) -- Plan, manage, and evaluate multiple LCF habitat restoration projects....

4 days ago

Noxious Weed Inspector

Mason County Noxious Weed Control Board

Shelton, WA

$17-$20 /hour -- Mason County Noxious Weed Control Board -- Identify noxious weeds, collect data, communicate with landowners, prescribe control methods, handle, and apply herbicides, document treatme...

4 days ago

Watershed Restoration Associate

Rock Creek Conservancy

Washington, DC

$19 /hour -- Rock Creek Conservancy -- Inspect and document the condition of green infrastructure facilities, including rain gardens, bioswales, and conservation landscaping....

4 days ago

Restoration Technician I

Resource Environmental Solutions

Scenery Hill, PA

$18-$20 /hour -- Resource Environmental Solutions -- Work on a variety of projects, including Stream restoration, Stormwater, Restoration planting, Invasive plant removal/management, and Landscape con...

4 days ago

Seasonal Ecological Restoration Technician

Resource Environmental Solutions LLC

Lancaster, PA

$18-$20 /hour -- Resource Environmental Solutions LLC -- Conduct planting, seeding, installing erosion and sedimentation control blanketing, brush cutting, operating light equipment and applying herbi...

4 days ago

Summer Restoration Team Member

Walker Basin Conservancy

Yerington, NV

$400 /week + $1,374.60 - $3,247.50 education award -- Walker Basin Conservancy -- Conduct ecological restoration through invasive species removal and native plant re-vegetation within the Walker River...

24 days ago

Field Coordinator

American YouthWorks

Austin, TX

$20.14 /hour -- American YouthWorks -- Supervise AmeriCorps crewmembers and leaders and provide oversight of field operations for conservation and disaster response services, focusing on safety risk m...

24 days ago

Online Ecosystem Management Master's

Penn State World Campus

100% Online

Prepare to lead the management of natural resources and keep up with rapid changes in applications and methodology by earning an Ecosystem Management degree or certificate online through Penn State World Campus.