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Landscape Architect II

City of Boulder

Boulder ,  Colorado

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Under general direction of the Senior Planner, provide leadership to advance the City of Boulder's Charter purposes for open space to provide wise stewardship of the land and an excellent visitor experience.   This position requires close collaboration with multiple work groups and the local community. This position assists in the development of design and construction priorities, workplan schedules, project implementation and staffing requirements. This position requires a seasoned landscape architect with a fine-tuned working knowledge of the open space and recreation facility design processes and a proven track record showing ability to manage complex projects, develop design concepts and construction drawings; deliver projects as scoped, on time, and within budget. The person in this position will develop, organize and coordinate a team approach to design and construction projects.

1. Coordinate with project staff, design consultants and contractors to coordinate and support planning, design and construction activities, including the following:

  • Plans, develops and recommends programs, objectives, strategies and budgets for assigned design programs and/or projects where success or failure can affect general activities, public concern, or the work of other staff within and outside the department.
  • Recommends design program priorities, creating inter-divisional teams and representing the department regionally, statewide, and nationally on matter pertaining to design. The position will require evaluation of design standards, processes and methods with recommendations for innovative and improved approaches.
  • Manage projects related to landscape architectural design concept planning, design development, construction administration; coordinates with project staff to assure timely completion.
  • Work collaboratively with other staff, elected officials both within and outside this agency, and the general public on a variety of project types.
  • Coordinate with regional partners on planning and design working with local, regional and state agencies.
  • Display expert knowledge and develop process for land use and permitting program to fully understand implications and needs to efficiently execute planning, design and construction services.
  • Develop and oversee programs covering design guidelines, standards, facility investment and cost estimating for recreation areas and facilities. This will need to be regularly updated with reporting out on the condition of system infrastructure and facilities
  • Develop and coordinate visitor experience assessments to fully understand needs and make connections to facility requirements for recreation areas, facilities, trails and natural areas.
  • Prepares work programs for consultant contracts and manages consultant contracts. Develops and manages contracts, proposals for consultant work, bid formulations and selection.
  • Remains current on federal and state regulations, local ordinances, and administrative rules and their impact on department policy and programs.
  • Develops design recommendations based on technical analysis; develops cost/benefits analysis.

 2. Administers design and specifications related to construction contracts, including the following:

  • Assists project managers in administering site plans and specifications contracts for thoroughness and appropriateness and compliance with county and city standards, codes and procurement specifications.
  • Drafts specification language as needed to integrate technical specifications with city procurement bid document format.
  • Assembles and develops scope of work and contract specifications for projects as required.
  • Assists with schedules, and documents pre-bid meetings for contractors interested in bidding city projects.
  • Attends bid openings associated with assigned project.
  • Assist with award of contracts based on outcome of bid process and reference reviews.

3. Delivers excellent customer service to the community through thoughtful planning and design.• Presents complex information in clear and understandable ways to the City Council and  other city advisory boards, for use in policy and management decisions.

  • Coordinates and prepares presentations for City Council meetings and study sessions and city advisory boards including writing and preparing documents and graphic presentations, reviewing materials and determining agenda items.
  • Represents the city at public hearings and meetings and makes formal presentations of city positions and policies.
  • Provides technical assistance to community and special advisory groups, city boards and county commissions, staff and public committees and the public.
  • Serves as liaison among the city and the key partner agencies, community groups, organizations and community members to facilitate their participation in planning initiatives.
  • Reaches out to youth, underserved communities, and areas of the community that are typically not well represented in the design process
  • Remains aware of and is sensitive to community issues impacting open space.
  • Develops and implements innovative engagement strategies, using both traditional and emerging methods, to ensure timely communication, meaningful dialog and informed input into policy development and decision making.


  • Seeks opportunities for professional development, attends and presents at conferences and other venues to advance the profession.
  • Updates job knowledge continuously regarding job-related topics such as design process, construction standards, planning, natural resource management, open space services including sustainability and resiliency issues, ideas and methods as well as engagement tools and strategies
  • Researches grant opportunities and apply for funding alternatives as needed.
  • Maintains and promote city values in all conduct.
  • Takes proper safety precautions to prevent accidents and injury to self and others including the following of all safety regulations, policies, procedures, and guidance.
  • Promptly reports all accidents and damage to City property to supervisor.
  • Acts in trust to protect City assets from damage or deterioration including equipment, materials and property.
  • Is familiar with, understands, advocates, and complies with all City and Department policies and procedures, and well as collective bargaining agreements.
  • Performs related duties as required to meet the needs of the city.
  • Performs other duties, as assigned.

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