Aquatic Resource Management Specialist

Peace Corps Response

Philippines , Asia

An Aquatic Resource Management Specialist with a master’s degree in marine biology, fisheries, or a related environmental field, SCUBA certification, and at least 3 years of experience in working on aquatic resource management and research and proposal writing is needed to assist with aquatic habitat assessment activities and training workshops in the College of Fisheries and Marine Science of Cagayan State University (CSU) in the Philippines. CSU has become a Regional Research Center for Aquaculture and Marine Fisheries and is tasked to undertake and implement research in the Biodiversity and Conservation Project, which aimed to promote best practices and sustain the protection and management of the coastal ecosystem on threatened areas of high biodiversity. As the only Fisheries College in the northern-most tip of the Philippines, the challenge to protect and conserve the diverse habitat and aquatic resources is essential, and the present exploitation and degradation of habitat within the Cagayan River basin and surrounding coastal towns could be addressed through proper management and training.

The Aquatic Resource Management Specialist will support the CSU team in performing assessment activities of primary productivity in aquatic habitats. The Response Volunteer will also provide trainings workshops on geo-tagging and identification of the origin of species in aquatic habitats and assist CSU staff to develop aquatic research proposals for international funding. The main goal of the assignment is to develop the capacity of the CSU College of Fisheries and Marine Science to produce graduates who can assist in the utilization and conservation of aquatic resources for sustainable development in this part of the country.

Required Skills

• Master’s Degree in Fisheries /Marine Biology, environment or related courses;
• At least three years’ experience in working with aquatic resource management program; hatchery management;
• SCUBA certification;
• At least three years’ experience in research and proposal writing;


Apply online at the link below. The application process itself takes less than 30 minutes and qualified applicants will hear back about the status of their application within a few days.


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