CFLRP Project Coordinator

Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative

Jacksonville, Oregon

Job Type Permanent
Salary Details $65,000 - 80,000
Deadline Jul 29, 2024
Required Experience 2 - 6 years

Rogue Basin CFLRP Coordinator

Who we are: Our mission at Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative (SOFRC) is to  engage with diverse constituencies on forest health and wildfire risk projects in support of  resilient landscapes, thriving communities, wildfire education and workforce development.  SOFRC’s vision is based on a strong community and science-based approach that emphasizes collaborative problem solving; it is essential to us to stay closely connected to the work  happening on the ground while doing timely work that will help our community now and for  generations. The Rogue Basin Cohesive Forest Restoration Strategy (RBS) guides our work and  has served as an example of collaborative structured decision making as described in this peer reviewed publication. 

SOFRC is a regionally based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, who anchors and convenes the Rogue  Forest Partners, a collaborative partnership that includes four federal, two state and four nonprofit  organizations including Lomakatsi Restoration Project and the Nature Conservancy. The Rogue  Forest Partners coordinates several large-scale collaborative projects throughout the Rogue Basin  including the large scale, 10-year Rogue Basin Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program  (CFLRP) in partnership with the USFS Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. The Rogue Forest  Partners work involves ecologically based landscape level restoration.  

Working Together: The CFLRP Project Coordinator will play a critical parallel role to the special  project’s coordinator within the USFS. Because of the all-lands focus of our restoration programs,  much of the restoration work is accomplished by our partners outside of National Forest lands  within the Rogue Basin and this work substantially contributes to the success of the CFLRP. There’s a need to track these accomplishments and coordinate planning, implementation and monitoring with the various USFS Districts, BLM Field Offices, state offices, partners and communities.  


The Rogue Basin CFLRP Coordinator will focus on strategic, landscape scale cross boundary forest  management coordination to achieve fire-adapted landscapes and resilient watersheds. In  partnership with the RRSNF project manager, the coordinator will be responsible for organizing the  disparate projects, funding streams, partners, and opportunities within each landscape level  initiative.  

This position provides administrative structure needed for eRective collaborative planning,  implementation, monitoring, engagement, and reporting for the Rogue Basin Collaborative Forest  Landscape Restoration (RBCFLR) projects. Supervised by the executive director of SOFRC, the  position will work closely with Rogue Forest Partners and federal project managers to coordinate  workflows across landscapes where partner projects are located. This is an external position  parallel to the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest special projects manager, enabling effective communication among all Partners including staying accountable for timely performance on collaborative results. 

The Project Coordinator will work independently to achieve tasks that require attention to detail,  persistence, problem-solving skills (able to recalibrate their approach), and clear tenacity for  working at multiple scales. The objective of these administrative tasks will be to help coordinate the  development, implementation, and monitoring of projects. Throughout the project lifecycle, they  will monitor and measure project progress, facilitate needed action as necessary, and communicate  project status information to all stakeholders. 

We’re looking for you if:  

You are skilled at managing multifaceted projects, you plan at multiple scales (short-term and long term) and can collaboratively adapt your approach when relevant.  

You organize widely disparate, complicated project information into a set of source documents that partners can refer to, easily access for reference, and use for reporting or coordination. You are  technically proficient and open to learning new approaches the work. 

You have the social skills to work with local land managers, project leads, planners and specialists  throughout the Rogue Basin (4-million-acre landscape) on a routine basis. You are enthusiastic  about collaboration and an excellent communicator. You know how to connect with stakeholders  and interweave their work into larger project objectives. 

You want to be a part of envisioning the future wellbeing of our Rogue Valley. Not only will you fulfill  conservation objectives in the beautiful iconic Klamath Ecoregion, but you'll also contribute to  conservation goals and outcomes! You want a career with clear purpose and collaborative  community for the long-term, with a highly functioning partnership. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in fire ecology, forestry, environmental science or other natural resources field.
  • Project management experience with complex, multi-year collaborative projects.
  • Knowledge of dry forest ecosystems.
  • Experience collaborating with multiple diverse partners and stakeholders. 5. Clear verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and with a team.
  • Leadership skills and self-direction.

ERective knowledge of common software applications. 

Desired Qualifications (we believe the fit is even more important then the specifics so even if you  do not have this but have relevant experience please apply) 

  • Skilled in the use of ArcGIS and SRI software.
  • 5 years of agency experience with connection to forest restoration.
  • Background knowledge of wild or prescribed fire.
  • Experience developing processes that close feedback loops so that monitoring findings and collaborative input inform adaptive management.
  • Competence in managing a data repository and organizational schema for project and monitoring data.
  • Excellence at leveraging resources and funding to accomplish cross boundary project implementation.
  • Practiced at writing grant proposals and evaluating grants.
  • Experience with disseminating scientific and complex project information to the public. 9. Proficiency with Box, Smartsheet, Outlook, Excel, and QuickTime is a bonus.

Your responsibilities include: 

  • Track and coordinate project schedules, resources, funding, and key information within  each landscape project area for project planning, implementation, monitoring, outreach,  and reporting. 
  • Develop and support the implementation of project management standards, policies, procedures, and models.
  • Monitor, develop, and share reports about the progress of the different projects of the strategy.
  • Support technical staff using various project management methods such as adaptive management, iterative and rapid learning processes, software-based monitoring, collaborative work, etc. 
  • Serve as a point of contact and communicate project status across all CFLRFP projects. 6. Growing and catalyzing cross-team collaboration. 
  • Execute project management administrative tasks. 
  • Prepare and manage project management documents. 
  • Support project managers and team members to help them adhere to workflows and  timelines. 
  • Coordinate internal and external field tours meetings (e.g., partner review, collaborative  field trips, monthly meetings). 
  • Participate in writing and managing grant proposals.  
  • Maintain and grow partnerships in southwest Oregon.  

Secondary roles

  • Work with partners to identify, define, and track project requirements, scope, and objectives.
  • Ensure that partners' needs are met as projects evolve.
  • Participate in project design activities and propose improvements, if necessary.

Salary Qualifications: 

For all applicants, actual pay will fall within a range based on a variety of factors including the  candidate’s qualifications, specific skills, and experience. The compensation package includes a combination of salary, healthcare stipend, retirement contributions and paid time off (generous flexible medical leave and vacation time). We are a tight knit team at SOFRC who believe in work-life balance, we all do our best when there is the flexibility to care for other parts of our lives when needed. 


How to apply to join the SOFRC team and the Rogue Forest Partners as the CFLRP Project  Coordinator!  

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume including references to: contact@sofrc.org. We care about diversity, equity, and inclusion, people of all positionalities are encouraged to apply. Please include “RB-CFLRP Coordinator” in the subject line of your email, attach your resume, cover  letter, and any supplemental documents or writting sample that represent your work (with explanation of what skills they are demonstrating). If you have any questions before or during the application process, also email: contact@sofrc.org

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.

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