Crew Leader


Morrison, Colorado

Job Type Temporary
Salary Details $900 - $1200 / Week
Required Experience 0 - 1 years

Come Work For HistoriCorps! 

HistoriCorps is looking for a few good cooks who love historic buildings, camping in the wilderness, and want to lead crews of volunteers while learning and teaching the hard skills necessary to restore historic structures.

If you are looking for a career building opportunity, have an adventurous spirit, and want a leadership position that will equip you with tangible skills, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO APPLY!

Though scopes of work vary, HistoriCorps projects cover a range of tasks. Staff will work with volunteers to restore/rehabilitate multiple historic log, stone, adobe, and frame buildings that were originally used as ranger stations, guard stations, cow camps, and miner cabins. The buildings are all located on America’s spectacular public lands (BLM, NPS, USFS, state lands). 

Crews of 6-10 volunteers will camp with us over five day sessions while we work, laugh, and eat well during the process of restoring a historic structure. HistoriCorps provides volunteers with three hearty meals a day in exchange for their contributions toward the completion of detailed scopes of work.   

Position Description 
Crew Leaders will work at the direction of and assist the Project Supervisor on all aspects of HistoriCorps projects. They will also maintain a welcoming and professional crew camp and kitchen. HistoriCorps’ Field Staff positions, including that of Crew Leader, are seasonal in nature and do not offer year-round employment. Seasons for new Crew Leaders will start as early as May and end as late as November; returning Crew Leaders’ seasons can start as early as February. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Adhering to and continually promoting a culture of safety on the worksite and in the camping area;  
  • Driving HistoriCorps trucks and equipment trailers to job sites, often at great distances in between projects; 
  • Planning, purchasing and preparing 3 meals a day in a camp kitchen for as many as 10 volunteers and paid crew ; 
  • Providing a safe, hygienic, clean, bear-proof camp kitchen in compliance with established food handling guidelines; 
  • Assisting the Project Supervisor to plan and coordinate tasks for volunteer, student, and youth crews; 
  • Working alongside volunteers on tasks as designated by the Project Supervisor; 
  • Serving as a liaison between volunteer crews and the Project Supervisor; 
  • Assisting with natural and cultural resources compliance such as seasonal fire bans, campground rules and regulations, and federal and state agencies’ historic preservation criteria and provisions.  

Required Skills and Qualifications 

  • The ability and aptitude to cook, and enjoy cooking, meals for large groups (8-18 people at a time) in an outdoor kitchen without electricity or running water 
  • Infusing in others your enthusiasm for the wilderness and historic resources; 
  • Work well in immersive group settings; 
  • An aptitude and unflappable enthusiasm for working long days (12+ hours) outdoors in variable weather in backcountry and other remote locations; 
  • Able to live and work in a remote and/or backcountry setting (i.e. tents) for up to 14 days at a time; 
  • At least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license and a good driving record; 
  • A rudimentary knowledge of hand tools and the building trades, and a willingness to learn; 
  • Strong communication and conflict resolution skills; 

The Preferred Candidate Will 

  • Demonstrate a high aptitude for culinary endeavors; 
  • Possess rudimentary building trade skills and a positive attitude toward old buildings, log working experience ideal; 
  • Have previous leadership experience with conservation or similar volunteer work crews, ideally in remote and/or backcountry settings. 
  • Be First Aid or First Responder certified 

Successful Crew Leaders Will Benefit From 

  • Exposure to the preservation trades, outdoor adventure programs, historic resources management, and volunteer/crew leadership 
  • Significant experience in cooking for groups in remote settings 
  • Level 1 Crew Leaders will focus on managing camp and kitchen, with introductory level training in preservation techniques.  
  • Level 2 Crew Leaders will have made camp and kitchen management “second nature” and, while still being responsible for camp and kitchen, will be ready to further develop their experience in preservation techniques and crew management.  
  • Level 3 Crew Leaders will continue to be responsible for the camp and kitchen. They will have demonstrated significant progress toward becoming a leader on the job site and will have some level of competence in leading crews in accomplishing less-complex scopes of work. 

Apply to be a Seasonal Crew Leader at HistoriCorps!

Application Instructions 

Please send a resume, letter of interest (maximum 600 words), and three references to Kyle Ward at kward@historicorps.org

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.

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