Fish and Wildlife Technician III

Workplace Alaska

Kodiak , Alaska

This position acts as laboratory crew leader, or works independently, assisting with applied research of Chionoecetes crabs in the Eastern Bering Sea (EBS). Specifically, this position may participate in field and laboratory data collection, data management, and preparation of reports on project details. This position is responsible for directing the activities of other laboratory crew members through delegating duties, scheduling, outlining procedures, and assisting with training/ instruction. This position reports on the progress of laboratory crew duties directly to the project manager.

Key responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing assistance, as needed, with crab husbandry in a chilled, flow-through seawater system.
  • Organizing and leading crab dissections to acquire data and biological specimens relating to female reproductive potential.
  • Leading data entry, management, and performance of quality assurance measures.
  • Clearly communicating progress of the laboratory crew's tasks to the project manager orally and in a written reports or memos.
  • Assist with pre-survey planning and participating, as needed, in multi-week at-sea surveys in the EBS.
  • Knowing and following regional and statewide policies, standard operating procedures, and administrative procedures of ADF&G.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate some or all of the following knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience (All of these traits must be documented in your cover letter and applicant profile. If you do not have experience with one or more of the traits listed below, simply say so):

  • Experience in husbandry of aquatic animals (fish or invertebrates) in a freshwater or seawater system;
  • Ability to understand and follow established protocols outlining laboratory or field work tasks;
  • Close attention to detail in laboratory duties, data management, and communication;
  • Familiar with the biology of Chionoecetes crabs and Bering Sea snow and Tanner crab commercial fisheries; or general knowledge of crustacean life histories and fisheries management;
  • Strong organizational and planning skills, and the ability to adhere to project deadlines;
  • Strong leadership skills (i.e., the ability to motivate oneself and others, appropriately resolve conflict, track progress of duties);
  • Computer skills (e.g., Microsoft Office products, ability to learn basic statistical programing);
  • Experience working in the field aboard research or fishing vessels for extended periods of time.

Special Notice:
Driver's License is required.
This position may include participation, as needed, in at-sea surveys lasting no more than 6 weeks.
Occasional travel may be required.

Minimum Qualifications
High school graduation; and six months experience at the developmental level of fish and wildlife technician or aide. This experience is equivalent to Fish and Wildlife Technician II with the State of Alaska.
One year of technical laboratory and/or field experience involving fish or wildlife research, management, or habitat protection, or as a commercial fisherman, guide, trapper or subsistence hunter or fisherman.

Substitutions: An additional six months of work experience involving fish or wildlife, or outdoor manual labor or in a laboratory may substitute for high school graduation. Bachelor of Science degree in fisheries, wildlife or habitat protection may substitute for a maximum of two years of technical laboratory or field experience, involving fish or wildlife research, management or habitat protection.

Special Requirements: Work may involve exposure to animals, insects and inclement weather, low level flying, travel by boat or skiff, or contact with drugs and chemicals. Housing may consist of bunkhouses, vessels, or wall tents. Positions are seasonal or temporary.

Special Note:
Fields of study comparable to fisheries, wildlife or habitat protection include aquaculture, biology, ichthyology, microbiology, ornithology and zoology.