Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation Remote Hatchery, Alaska
Deadline Mar 31, 2019
Job Type Seasonal / temporary

Spring rearing projects still available!! Projects begin in mid-February and early-March.

Work performed at any hatchery or remote location as needed.  Must be able to move about freely; work outdoors in all weather conditions; ability to lift and carry 50 pounds; ability to climb stairs and ladders; ability to climb aboard and about vessels and small aircraft; work around water – on docks and floats; use telephones and computers unimpaired.  Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language.  Must be able to hear and see to receive verbal and written instructions.

Description of duties and tasks:      

  • Fish propagation: Enumerating, caring, killing, spawning and disposing of carcasses; preparing, cleaning and maintaining incubator; monitoring and maintaining water quality; loading, enumerating, picking and caring for egg/alevin; rearing, enumerating and setting up outmigration of fry; perform other general duties associated with fish culture operations.
  • Fish Harvest: Preparing, repairing and maintaining harvest equipment; loading, transporting, caring for and unloading harvest pens; collecting and recording fish harvest management data.
  • Takes samples from commercial fisheries catches for data on species, size, age and sex composition; collects scales, otoliths, ovaries or other biological specimens, scale mounting.
  • Site cleanup, general maintenance and repair, cleans, sweeps or shovels snow.
  • Operates skiffs and small boats, live trap nets, ATVs, snow machines, pickups, bobcats, loaders, power tools, firearms or other equipment, etc.
  • Leads by example work flow or scheduling to other crew members in a team.
  • Use computers and computer software to conduct routine data entry or output.
  • Performs as a crew leader supervising lower level technicians in the performance of routine duties, maintenance and operations.
  • Performs simple functions in the areas of personnel, procurement and supply to maintain a steady workflow for daily scheduled tasks.
  • Collects and compiles data and maintains records. May help organize and present data for reports.
  • Maintains and adjusts water supplies to provide desired quality, quantity and temperature to incubation and rearing units.
  • Use computers and computer software to conduct routine data entry or output.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:     

  • Some knowledge of firearms and firearm safety, of first aid and precautionary health and safety skills.
  • Ability to safely operate small boats, snowmobiles, power tools and other equipment.
  • Ability to follow detailed verbal and written instructions.
  • Ability to observe and collect data and maintain simple but accurate records.
  • Ability to read and write and to perform simple arithmetic computations and routine data entry.
  • Ability to perform physically demanding work and withstand inclement weather and other uncomfortable environmental conditions.
  • Ability to coordinate efforts and work cooperatively in a group.
  • Ability to work carefully and safely around wild animals
  • Some knowledge of fishery and aquaculture resources.
  • Ability to transmit data in appropriate formats..
  • Some knowledge of supply requirements, procurement, and personnel/payroll procedures.
  • Some knowledge of fishery research practices and of basic laboratory procedures and equipment.
  • Ability to adapt general instructions to specific situations.
  • Ability to design simple logs and formats for data collection and transmission; to perform simple analyses of data from observations and make recommendations.

Minimum qualifications:

  • High school graduation or equivalent, and 12 months work experience in fish and wildlife duties;
    • or a Bachelor of Science, an Associates of Applied Science, or an Associates of Science degree in fisheries, wildlife, habitat protection, aquaculture, biology, or marine technology.
  • Must have a current driver’s license 



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