Forestry Technician (Fire)

Bureau of Land Management Billings, Montana
Deadline Feb 25, 2019
Job Type Paid permanent


-This position determines preparedness and suppression needs, facilitates procurement, formulates and prepares project plans for an 18-person crew. Assists with the formulation of the annual crew budget and maintains a system of accounts to track program expenditures.

-Exercises delegated supervisory authorities and responsibilities, and plans, and directs work to be accomplished by an 18-person, wildland fire suppression and prescribed fire crew. Prepares schedules for work completion and sets work priorities. Develops subordinate performance standards and evaluates performance. Interviews candidates for vacant positions and recommends appointment, promotion or reassignment. Hears and resolves employee complaints, effects minor disciplinary measures and identifies developmental and training needs. Finds innovative and creative ways to improve production, increase the quality of the work directed, or to enhance safe work practices.

-Adjusts to large workforce fluctuations due to seasonal variations in work requirements and fire seasons. Assists supervisor to ensure physical fitness, training, experience, and availability requirements are met.

-Responds to all risk emergency incidents as assigned, making onsite evaluations of conditions and strategic decisions, and determining appropriate tactical responses.

-May be assigned to other fireline supervisory positions for which qualified or other incident command system or prescribed fire positions.

-Provides input into home unit fire management budget allocations and priorities.

-Develops action items and agency policy recommendations on fire management issues.

-Prepares fire prescriptions using fire behavior and smoke dispersal mathematical models.

-Serves as technical instructor for national, geographic area, local unit fire suppression, fire management, and all-risk training courses.

-A substantial portion of the incumbent's workload occurs in locations vastly removed physically from the home unit.

Physical Demands: Duties involve field work requiring above average physical performance, endurance and superior conditioning. Work requires prolonged standing, walking over uneven ground, and recurring bending, reaching, lifting and carrying of items weighing over 50 pounds and shared lifting and carrying of heavier items.

Work Environment: The work is primarily performed outdoors in forest and desert environments in steep terrain where surfaces may be extremely uneven, rocky, or covered by vegetation. Temperatures commonly exceed 100 degrees F and fall below freezing. Risks include smoke inhalation, fire entrapment, snake or insect bites, exposure to excessive machinery noise, and falling and rolling material.

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