Forestry Technician (Fuels)

US Forest Service Multiple Locations, Idaho
Deadline Nov 13, 2018
Job Type Paid permanent
Primary responsibilities of the position are preparing and implementing prescribed fire plans, fire effects monitoring plans, manual and mechanical hazardous fuels treatments, and smoke and wildland fire use monitoring plans. The incumbent integrates prescribed fire/fuels management, smoke management, fuels modification principles and procedures, fire effects knowledge, and knowledge of scientific data collection and analysis principles into a comprehensive prescribed fire/fuels management program for a unit(s). This position is categorized as a Low Complexity Prescribed Fire and Fuels Specialist that is subject to the Interagency Fire Program Management (IFPM)Standard and Guide, as designated by the W.O. Fire and Aviation Management. The IFPM Selective Placement Factors for this position must be attained by October 1, 2010, and thereafter must be met prior to entrance into the position as a condition of hire. Ninety (90) days of experience as a primary/rigorous firefighter or equivalent experience outside federal employment is a basic qualification for this position. Operations and Safety 60% Serves on prescribed fire and fuels projects in positions as per the IFPM minimum qualifications at the low complexity level. Provides general input for fire prevention plans. Administers routine aspects of the prescribed fire/fuels plan, ensuring that preparation, ignition, holding, mop-up, and rehabilitation are completed to the standards specified. During the implementation of prescribed fire plans, fuels projects, and wildland fire use plans, works alongside higher-grade specialists in monitoring fire behavior, evaluating fire effects, identifying potential problems and making recommendations. Participates in field reconnaissance of prescribed fire/fuels treatment units, summarizes field findings and makes recommendations on appropriate prescriptive criteria for meeting program objectives. Provides for training needs to support prescribed fire and fuels management programs. Participates in routine aspects of wildland fire and safety training in the techniques, practices, and methods of fire suppression and in the safe, efficient operation and use of tools, equipment, and vehicles used in fire suppression activities, with emphasis on those used for the particular function assigned. Participates in routine aspects of preparedness reviews, proficiency checks and drills, safety sessions, and after action reviews. Ensures own and others welfare and safety in all aspects of the assignment. Supports wildland fire suppression activities. Operates a variety of motor vehicles to transport equipment, supplies, crew members, etc. Uses specialized firing equipment. Planning 40% Performs as a Prescribed Fire and Fuels Specialist for low complexity fuels management program as per the rating factors contained in the IFPM Complexity Analysis. Participates in resolving routine problems encountered when performing fire planning assignments. Participates in conducting project assessments which determine the presence or absence of hazardous wildland fuels. Information on fuel conditions and predictions of fire behavior are collected through a variety of methods, including field surveys, computer modeling, and specific literature searches. Results are reported to the Prescribed Fire/Fuels Specialist and used in the determination and prioritization of prescribed fire and mechanical treatment projects. Assists in reviewing project plans and making basic recommendations on appropriate levels of monitoring. Provides basic assistance in establishing study plots to assess fire and fire suppression impacts on the ecosystem. Provides basic support to assist others in the refinement of plot characteristics, frequency of visits, subjects to be measured, and data storage and analysis techniques. Participates in drafting routine portions of prescribed fire/fuels management plans following the interagency template. This involves reviewing fuel treatment alternatives.

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