Game and Wildlife Conservation Officer - Speaker

Texas and U.S. Law Shield

Oklahoma City , Oklahoma

Employment Type: Part-tme/Contract

Compensation: Weekly Pay

We compensate speakers from $250 - $500 per speaking engagement and we pay weekly.

Job Requirements:

  • Licensed/Certified as a Game and Wildlife Conservation Officer
  • 3 years' minimum experience as a licensed/certified Game and Wildlife Conservation Officer

Job Responsibilities: 

We are searching for active or retired game and wildlife law enforcement officers interested in making 30-45 minute presentations during one of our local seminars. Our primary interest is to help our members and guests avoid unintentional violations of wildlife codes.  Additionally, we want to ensure that our members and guests know how to have safe encounters with wildlife law enforcement officers while in the woods or on the water.

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community?  It's time you get paid for speaking on a topic that you enjoy.  We are the nation's leading legal defense program and we value the ongoing eduction of our members.  Ongoing member education is one of the 3 cornerstones of our program.


Applicants should submit their resume by email to