Habitat and Ecosystem Restoration Specialist


Quakertown, Pennsylvania

Job Type Permanent
Salary Details $45-55k, or depending on your experience
Required Experience 7+ years

Benefits: Relocation, Health and Life insurance, ample holiday/vacation, bonus plan.

Job Description: Lead multi-year ecosystem and habitat restoration programs on state/Federal lands, conserved lands, and large public and private land holdings. 

Participate in design, develop work plans, and lead construction and planting teams in the field.  Bird habitat creation, food chain reconstruction, and plant community restoration. Work in forests, fields, and farms (alternative agriculture and agroforestry).  Rebuild stream, pond, and wetland function.  Occasional trail, bridge, and stormwater feature construction.

40%:60% professional and field work.  Most projects occur within New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland.  Home most evenings.  Occasional multi-day trips out of state.  A few multi-week trips a year.

Requirements: This is a senior level, permanent position so you should have a wide range of quality experiences related to habitat design, soil/hydrology restoration and construction, streambank restoration, large-scale plantings, and invasive management.  Additional experience related to applied research, team building, and budget management are welcome.

Persons with less experience may also apply to our Restoration Technician role, which can also be found here on Conservation Job Board.  Want to practice what you learned in school or what you have seen other firms do in the field?  Come and do all of that and more as an ArcheWild Restoration Technician.

Have a life partner that you like to work with?  Let us know and we'll find a role for them, too.

About UsArcheWild is a full-service technical ecological restoration firm operating throughout the mid-Atlantic.  In operation for almost 15 years with a large portfolio of interesting clients.  ArcheWild is a demanding yet supportive and open-minded employer.  Our focus is delivering an outstanding experience for our clients.

We also operate one of the largest restoration plant nurseries in the region, which supplies the correct species and genotypes for our projects, and other firms' projects.


When: Flexible start date.  We would like to have this position filled by March 2023.

How: Click this LINK to send an e-mail to mark.brownlee@archewild.com. Please send a resume and a cover letter answering the following three questions:

1. What has been your most rewarding habitat or ecosystem restoration project so far?

2. What is your favorite habitat or plant community type?

3. Why do you think this job is a perfect fit for you?

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.

Category Botany , General / Stewardship , Hydrology , Restoration
Tags Wetland , Soil Science