Bureau of Land Management Albuquerque, New Mexico
Deadline May 23, 2019
Job Type Paid permanent


The basic duties below are described at the full performance level GS-11. At less-than-full-performance level, the incumbent will be assigned various tasks on an on-the-job training basis, with the difficulty of the tasks and degree of independent performance increasing gradually, as the incumbent becomes better trained, and demonstrates the ability to assume greater responsibility.  The hydrologist is responsible for performing work involving the collection, analysis, and evaluation of surface and ground water quality and quantity associated with the management of public lands.  Major duties include, but are not limited to, the following:  Planning and coordinating projects involving the analysis and evaluation of stream flow and transport of sediment or pollutants in stream channels; performing a variety of hydrologic models to generate information on high flows, channel behavior, and sedimentation; calibrating hydrologic models to account for changes in land use patterns and modifying modeling procedures to improve model validity; serving on interdisciplinary teams as the subject matter expert on water resources; engaging in negotiations for agreements for the use of federally owned water resources; and recommending actions to assure the availability of water for Bureau of Land Management administration responsibilities.

Physical Demands: The individual works partly in an office setting at this level, and partly in the field. Field work requires gathering samples and other data, monitoring and inventory activities, and participation in project work. In his/her field capacity, the individual will be required to walk or ride vehicles over rough terrain, perform duties that require recurring bending, crouching, stooping, reaching or lifting. Work may also include lifting of moderately heavy items, such as equipment and samples.

Work Environment:  The work of the employee is performed partly in an office setting and partly in the field. When necessary to complete the work, there is outdoor exposure. Outdoor exposure requires some discomfort in extremes of temperature or inclement weather. The incumbent may subjected to hostile wildlife, chemical and physical hazards.

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Category Hydrology