Natural Resource Specialist

Bureau of Land Management Redding, California
Deadline Nov 15, 2018
Job Type Seasonal / temporary


The Natural Resource Specialist serves as a member of a team of resource management specialist, with the responsibility for managing and conserving the natural resources within the BLM Redding Field Officejurisdiction. This position performs duties involved in resource conservation, biological inventory, development of plans, provides technical input, and environmental assessments. 

The Natural Resource Specialist is responsible for tracking and implementing emergency stabilization and rehabilitation work associated with wildland fires. Supports the threatened wildlife and endangered species program. Plans and conducts investigations related to biological, vegetation, soil, and rangeland management program concerns. Analyzes the effects of management on biological components such as big game habitat, vegetation conditions, animal and plant population, and ecological conditions. Evaluates and monitors effects of land management on various ecosystem components. Plans and coordinates needs for range, wildlife, soils, and riparian programs in conjunction with other staff specialist. Provides interpretation of surveys and geographical information. Makes presentations on data, analysis, and management recommendations. Performs administrative work related to profession, including budget planning, activity based costing, and preparation of grants. 

This position requires physical demands that vary from long periods in an office setting to extended four-wheel driving, horseback, or hiking over rugged terrain in adverse weather. Regular exposure to extreme weather conditions. Usually works alone in the field, but may work with others to complete field studies.

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