Northeast At-Sea Monitor

MRAG Americas, Inc.

Falmouth , Massachusetts

MRAG Americas is seeking currently certified and prior At-Sea Monitors to deploy on vessels from ports as far north as Maine extending south to New York. Vessel assignments will range from 1-10 days in duration. Locations of assigned ports are subject to change and require a willingness to travel to assigned ports outside of a monitor’s port of hire. Vessels operate in ocean waters, 3-200 miles offshore in all weather conditions. Vessels range from 30-100 feet in length.

MRAG Americas is actively seeking Northeast At-sea Monitors:

  • Current, Active Certification
  • Deployed within 6 months, Standby Certification
  • Prior ASMs, will need to retrain

Wages and Benefits

MRAG provides competitive wages and maintains a comprehensive benefit package including health care. Regular pay grade steps will be based on sea-day experience in the fishery, performance evaluations, and prior experience in other MRAG observer programs. Due to the large number of day trips of varying length, MRAG will use hourly accounting for our observer payroll rather than the seaday system. MRAG will simply track hours and pay observers only for actual hours worked. There are clear benefits of this change, but there are also some drawbacks that need to be explained. Converting from our seaday system to hourly without making any other changes results in a pay reduction for the observers. To avoid this we are going to increase the hourly pay rate. For example the current base pay for a 12-hour seaday for a Grade 1 MRAG observer is $242/day. Under a straight hourly accounting this would be reduced to $224 (for 12 hours). It is not reasonable to expect prior observers to take a payroll reduction. MRAG will therefore increase the hourly base rate such that the pay for a 12-hour day is the same or very similar to a full seaday under the prior payroll model.



For consideration as an At-Sea Monitor with MRAG, please submit a cover letter detailing your experience relating to At Sea Monitor work, a copy of your resume, college transcript (retrain only), and three (3) professional references. Email all application documents to 

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