The Great Basin Institute

Boulder City, Nevada

Job Type Temporary
Salary Details $21.10/hr


The Great Basin Institute, in cooperation with the National Park Service, is recruiting Two Paramedics for the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Boulder City, NV. Under the direction of the National Park Service Staff, the selected candidate will function as Paramedic providing advanced emergency medical / patient care in a clinical, ambulance and/or field setting. They perform a combination of technical (non-professional medical) and administrative tasks related to the treatment and care of patients in an emergency environment involving injury and illnesses, and sometimes encountering situations which may be life threatening, i.e., various accident scenes, fire, childbirth, respiratory distress, gunshot wounds, rescue environments and other emergencies. Although the medical duties performed do not require the knowledge and skills represented by the licensure of practical/vocational nursing training or full professional nurse education, the do require independence, sound judgment and considerable certification.

Duties Include:

Emergency Response

  • Responds to and returns from emergency medical assistance/calls using in-depth practical knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and clinical symptoms as they pertain to pre-hospital emergency care; advanced knowledge of local roads, park lands and adjoining response areas; skill and familiarity of emergency and patient transport vehicles to safely operate these vehicles under all weather and traffic conditions; and skill in emergency communication techniques and the operation of communication equipment.
  • Selects the most expedient and/or appropriate route to and from the emergency site. Adheres to governing traffic ordinances, laws, etc., pertaining to operation of emergency and patient vehicles. Responds by ambulance, helicopter and on foot to emergency scenes. Assesses the scene and recognizes the need for ancillary personnel and requests additional personnel as needed.
  • May act as team leader during emergency responses.

Patient Assessment and Treatment

  • Independently conducts a complete assessment, using advanced knowledge of topographic anatomy; knowledge of major body systems; knowledge of emergency medical techniques; and knowledge to understand legal considerations of emergency care. Triages the patient(s).
  • Performs primary and secondary patient assessments. Selects and/or modifies protocols independently from basic approaches, if necessary. Determines the nature, extent, and seriousness of the patient's condition.
  • Identifies and treats trauma and medical emergencies using, advanced knowledge of emergency medical techniques, topographic anatomy, and major body systems (e.g.; skeletal, muscular, nervous, etc.). Identifies the signs and symptoms of life-threatening and non life-threatening trauma and medical injuries.
  • Provides appropriate advanced treatment as outlined in governing protocol at the scene, in route, or until definitive care is provided, e.g., intravenous infection, intubation, administration of drugs, defibrillates cardiac arrest victims, etc.
  • Performs shock and fluid therapy using knowledge of emergency medical techniques.
  • Assists with moving, lifting, and carrying patients to emergency vehicles. Recognizes fractures, dislocations, and sprains.
  • Conducts field treatment at scene, in route or until definitive care is provided.


  • Communicates orally and in writing with medical and public safety personnel, using extensive skill in emergency communication techniques and operating communication equipment to relay information and receive orders/advice from Medical Oversight.
  • Orally reports in a clear and concise manner patient assessment and treatment administered. Contacts appropriate personnel when in route, arriving and departing the scene. Prepares written documentation of patient care activities that is thorough and accurate according to local procedures.
  • Utilize the Incident Command System (ICS) as applicable when responding to complex, multi-agency calls and/or Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI).
  • Prepares written documentation of patient care activities that is thorough, accurate and in compliance with patient privacy regulations, legal requirements and local procedure.
  • Demonstrates ethical & legal behavior in all professional activities. Demonstrates accountability for own ethical behavior and for delegated actions and responsibilities. Understands and supports
  • NPS policies, legal considerations and professional ethics. Adheres to the Health Insurance
  • Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) and confidentiality policies.
  • Applies knowledge of cultural differences to provide medical care that is sensitive to and consistent with cultural values, beliefs, and customs. Acts as an advocate for individuals, groups and communities.

Equipment Maintenance, Training and Other Duties

  • Maintains fleet and patient transport vehicles in a safe and duty ready state. Performs safety and maintenance inspections and minor repairs on emergency and patient transport vehicles and associated equipment. Assists in the coordination of involved repairs and transportation of vehicles to appropriate mechanic facility. Ensures vehicles and equipment are operating properly and decontaminates vehicles as needed in accordance with established procedures.
  • Ensures excellent condition of all EMS apparatus and equipment, i.e., ambulance supplies, medication and equipment to include checking expiration dates, stock amounts, functionality, cleanliness and repair/replacement as needed.
  • Completes in-service training sessions on emergency equipment and procedures as assigned.
  • Acts as a mentor, trainer or team leader for other park providers as the situation warrants.
  • Plans and conducts training for emergency personnel of various credential level, regarding various emergency care related topics including but not limited to patient assessment, scene safety, rescue procedures, extrication, etc.
  • Participates in public health and population-based care activities such as vaccine clinics, community health screening and community outreach.
  • Assists with clinical and medical program related administrative duties including patient charting, reception desk duties, data gathering and statistical analyses and other duties as assigned.

Contract Timeline

  • 40-52 week appointment beginning in May 2024, pending successful completion and passage of DOI Background Investigation.
  • Full-time (40 hrs/wk)


Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Boulder City, NV.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Wage: $21.10/hr.; Overtime provided at 1.5 rate;
  • Housing not provided;
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance available at no cost
  • Paid leave and holidays


  • In-depth practical knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and clinical symptoms as they pertain to pre-hospital emergency care. Skill in advanced life support in cardiac (rhythm interpretation and treatment algorithms) and trauma settings.
  • Ability to acquire comprehensive knowledge of the local roads and trails as well as skill in the pre- selection and planning of the route to ensure a safe and expedient transport.
  • Advanced skill and familiarity with emergency and patient transport vehicle characteristics to safely operate vehicles under all weather and/or traffic conditions while transporting patients.
  • Extensive skill in using emergency communication techniques and operating communication equipment to accurately obtain and relay information from dispatchers and/or health care providers.
  • Knowledge of and skill in advanced emergency medicine techniques at the paramedic level (EMT-P) sufficient to independently make field decisions and determine the approach or combination of approaches that will most effectively sustain the patient's life.
  • An advanced working knowledge of topographic anatomy, e.g., right/left, surface proximal/distal, superior/inferior, to accurately transmit location information about the patient.
  • An advanced practical knowledge of the major body systems (e.g., skeletal, muscular, neural, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and genitourinary) to perform patient examination, to provide patient care, and to ensure appropriate patient handling.
  • Advanced knowledge to sufficiently understand the legal considerations of emergency care, e.g., actual/implied consent, good Samaritan laws, to limit the government and care provider’s exposure to lawsuits while maintaining the legal standards of care.
  • Skill and familiarity with providing patient care in a clinical facility and in the field during a search and rescue operation.
  • Skill in the use of instruments for recording vital signs, adjuncts for administering oxygen therapy, suction equipment, splints (including cervical, traction, and full body), and patient transport equipment.
  • Knowledge of application and use of specialized equipment such as cardiac monitors, EKG machines, IV fluid pumps, respirators, defibrillators, and pulmonary function equipment.
  • Skill in conducting EMS related adult learning training in both lecture and skill/hands-on based settings.
  • Training and skill in operating emergency medical vehicles, knowledge of traffic regulations, routes and conditions assisting in the operation of or actual use of a variety of emergency medical equipment and the ability to use a two-way radio communication system.
  • Special Qualifications – Paramedic: Employee is required to possess a valid state driver’s license, current Paramedic (EMT-P) certification and/or unrestricted state license, current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification. It is the policy of the NPS that all EMSP will be certified by the nationally recognized testing body, NREMT or a state whose curriculum meets the National EMS Education Standards and the equivalent testing requirements of the National Registry of EMTs. Note: See current RM-51, Emergency Medical Services, for additional
  • Reliable, team-player with strong leadership and communication skills;
  • Possession of a clean, valid, state-issued driver’s license

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