Program Manager

Navigation Games

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Job Type Permanent
Salary Details $20.00 - $30.75 per hour
Deadline Jul 31, 2024
Required Experience 2 - 6 years


The Program Manager is responsible for executing all aspects of Navigation Games programming, including client communications, marketing, program design, recruiting staff, managing the budget and all aspects of program delivery. Initially, while building up the program delivery team, this person will personally deliver most of Navigation Games’ programming for children, adults and educators. Subsequently, the Program Manager will focus on new client and new program activity and staff training and evaluation. This is a part-time or full-time position, with hours worked based on program needs. The position reports to the Executive  Director. 

Who is Navigation Games?

Navigation Games is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with the mission to develop, share and deliver navigation education for children, engage families and enable access to the sport of orienteering, and promote public health through outdoor exercise. We believe orienteering is one of the best ways to not only teach map navigation and provide outdoor physical activity for youth, but also to provide experiences and an environment where they can develop important life skills.

Navigation Games’ main focus is implementation of orienteering curricula in schools, often in Physical Education. The portfolio of programs also includes out-of-school programs, school teams, summer programs, corporate events, and events for the general public. Programming also includes professional development and workshops for teachers, coaches and leaders in client organizations. 

Specifically, Navigation Games 

  • Teaches children the sport of orienteering through games and fun activities
  • Develops lesson plans and materials
  • Enables others to deliver orienteering-based education through materials, map-making, educator workshops and consulting
  • Raises awareness about the sport in the Boston area and beyond

The Position:

The Program Manager is responsible for executing all aspects of Navigation Games programming, including client communications, marketing, program design, recruiting staff, managing the budget and all aspects of program delivery. The position reports to the Program Director.

The position can be part- or full-time, depending on the individual’s availability. Navigation Games strives to create opportunities for growth for all employees through professional development. 

Navigation Games is currently operating as a hybrid work environment. All staff must be present in our Cambridge office for weekly in-person meetings and program preparation, and have access to a remote office environment that allows them to complete some work tasks remotely. Programming is delivered in the Greater Boston area, primarily during school hours and with the occasional evening / weekend event. Staff are expected to use their own vehicle and be able and willing to drive to program sites.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for excellence in execution across all aspects of program strategy, design, development and delivery
  • Support the development of future programming strategy for Navigation Games (“Program Strategy”)
    • Support the development of new program opportunities for Navigation Games’ core target clients (teachers and administrators at school districts and schools) and for income generation (corporate and public events)
    • Market new and existing program opportunities to potential and current clients 
  • Support the design of programming and events (“Program Planning”)
    • Be involved with discussions with potential clients to scope program deliverables and schedules as far in advance of programs as possible
    • Support the documentation of the program proposal, including a description of the activity and a cost 
    • Support the design of all aspects of the programming activities (planning, execution and follow up)
    • Support the documentation of each aspect of the program design
    • Support the sale and use of orienteering kits, via virtual training 
  • Lead all aspects of program execution (“Program Execution”)
    • Consider, plan for, execute and document all safety considerations
    • Apply for any permits, work to ensure permit approval and make sure that all permit requirements are adhered to
    • Manage all staffing and scheduling
    • Communicate effectively and efficiently with clients and participants, in advance and as situations change (e.g. inclement weather)
    • Coordinate and synergize activities with local orienteering clubs, especially around use of their maps, and recruitment of volunteers, while respecting their ownership of public orienteering events.
    • Prepare all equipment and materials and ensure that they are correctly utilized by program attendees
    • Use each program as an outreach opportunity to parents and educator networks
    • Participate in program delivery, particularly to ensure success with new or key clients and programs, and to train and evaluate our staff.
    • Document each aspect of the program execution 
  • Lead all aspects of the program follow up (“Program Follow up”)
    • Capture and analyze feedback
    • Ensure that all equipment and materials are returned and ready for the next program
    • Identify opportunities for outreach and development of follow-on opportunities
    • Actively discuss ongoing client use of orienteering
    • Actively discuss future Navigation Games programming
    • Capture client contact information for future use by Navigation Games.
    • Identify possible outreach opportunities for parents and educator networks
  • Keep all program-related documentation up-to-date, including:
    • Program database
    • Post-program documentation, staff reflections and client feedback 
    • Time sheets detailing hours worked, including the amount of time, the type of work, and information about programs delivered. 
    • Planning documents for each program that would enable others to deliver a similar program in the future
  • Develop staff
    • Recruit and train volunteers and paid staff (“Staff”) to deliver the programs
    • Manage onboarding training for all Staff
    • Provide ongoing training to all Staff
  • Compile programming reporting
    • Compile a monthly plan in advance of each month, with time estimates against billable projects and approved projects, and key deliverables.
    • Summarize and assess program execution against monthly plan at the end of each month
  • Ensure sustainability of programming and mission
    • Leverage every opportunity to teach clients how to deliver programs themselves
    • Propose projects that advance Navigation Games’ mission, when there is extra time after program responsibilities
  • Contribute to curriculum development and publication projects, to enable others outside of Navigation Games to deliver orienteering-based experiential education
  • Participate in weekly team meetings and additional check-ins
  • Attend board meetings and support Navigation Games to continue fulfilling its mission, on an as needed basis

Required Qualifications

These are guidelines. You may not meet every qualification listed or you may bring a valuable perspective and experience we may not have considered. If your skills are transferable and you think you would be a good fit for this role, please apply.

  • Commitment to and interest in the Navigation Games mission
  • 3+ years working with young people as an educator or youth development professional
  • Experience teaching in-school, out-of-school and/ or summer programs
  • Experience teaching outdoor education, physical education or orienteering
  • Experience in program design 
  • Experience in managing projects or managing all aspects of an event / program
  • Strong interpersonal skills with youth, families, and peers that reflect cultural sensitivity, respect for differences, deep listening and clear communication
  • Ability and desire to work independently and as part of a team
  • Detail-oriented, creative, resourceful, and ready to problem solve
  • Committed to ongoing learning and growth as an educator/ youth worker
  • Willingness to learn about orienteering
  • Readiness to work outside, undeterred by inclement weather
  • Ability to move equipment and be on feet for several hours at a time
  • Driving license

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience designing physical education or outdoor curricula for youth and adults
  • Experience reaching out, cultivating, maintaining and building relationships with potential and existing clients and community partners
  • Ability to design orienteering curriculum for youth and adults
  • Experience recruiting and managing people
  • A Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are among the core principles that define our work, and thus we actively seek to build a team that is inclusive of diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Navigation Games does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or citizenship in any of its programs. It is Navigation Games’ policy to maintain a safe, educational and engaging work environment free of unlawful discrimination and harassment in any form.

All offers of employment at Navigation Games are contingent upon clear results of a thorough background check.


Send cover letter & resume to Maija Pratt (hiring@navigationgames.org) 

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.

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