Restoration Stream Designer

Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC

Baltimore , Maryland


RES is the nation’s largest and most experienced provider of ecological restoration and water resource solutions. To date, we have restored over 180 stream miles and 40,400 wetland acres and conserved and preserved 6,100 acres of endangered species habitats. RES operations include planting over 11,000,000 restorative trees and reducing over 240 tons of polluting nutrients. RES navigates and streamlines the environmental permitting process with solutions that balance economic development and ecological sustainability.


RES is accepting applications for Restoration Designers with various levels (minimum of 5 years’ experience) in our Baltimore, Maryland office. The desired candidate’s tasks will include, but are not limited to responsibility for all aspects of fieldwork, writing technical reports and approaches, collecting and organizing data, concept development for stream and/or wetland site restoration plans, and site feasibility for restoration potential.


Required Experience and Skills:

  • Knowledge of stream ecology, biology, and geomorphology
  • Knowledge of watershed hydrology, stream hydraulics, and sediment transport
  • Ability to interpret results from H&H models
  • Understanding of the use of regional regressions, regional curves, and reference data in design
  • Ability to determine design discharge, channel cross section, profile and planform
  • Experience in calculating TMDL sediment load, including BEHI/NBS and bank pins
  • Experience in plan production or in guiding engineering staff in plan production
  • Ability to prepare specifications
  • Ability to observe construction, inspect work, and direct construction crews

Preferred Experience:

  • Ability to develop quantity take-offs, and estimates of construction costs
  • Experience in a wide range of stream channels including urban, rural, coastal, piedmont and mountains

Desired Skills:

  • Geomorphic survey, including sediment measurements
  • Conducting site assessments to identify reference conditions and to assess reach conditions
  • Rivermorph, AutoCAD and/or Microstation

The preferred candidate will possess a B.S. in an ecology, biology or environmental science field (such as but not limited to ecology, botany, geology, soils, etc.) and supplemental training (such as but not limited to Rosgen Level 1-4, MD State Stream Restoration Training Courses, or other sources of relevant graduate coursework or training). Candidates will have excellent technical writing and verbal communication skills. Knowledge of Federal/State/Local environmental regulations is a plus.


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