Stream Restoration Crew Member / Paid Internship

Benchwood LLC

Central Point, Oregon

Job Type Temporary
Salary Details $18 - $20 DOE + OT
Required Experience 0 - 1 years

SHIFT: Full-time / Reoccurring - Seasonal Position

PAY RATE: $18 - $20 / hour DOE +OT, +H&W differential


Positions available beginning May 20th

CLOSING DATE: Open until filled

At Benchwood LLC, we specialize in placing large wood (e.g., logs, rootwads and whole tipped trees) throughout the riparian, using procedures that result in minimal environmental impact or ground disturbance to the natural landscape.

We work with biologists, hydrologists and/or engineers from local watershed councils, private business, timber companies, private land owners, state and federal agencies. The log structures and locations are carefully selected to best enhance creek complexity and benefit fish habitat, as well as other wildlife.

We tip and place whole trees and other large wood, via blocks, cable, rope and other complex rigging methods. We work at distances up to 2000 ft from the road using our specialized winch truck. The process is completed without the need for heavy equipment ever entering the Riparian Zone. All trucks and heavy equipment remain on the road simply to assist in maneuvering logs from a log deck to the appropriate laid out drag route.

The quantity and type of woody material needed is determined by specific design, topography and surrounding vegetation at each location, to enhance fish habitat and spawning areas in creeks and riparians throughout Southern Oregon.


This is seasonal employment; our regular work season typically runs from mid-June to late September. The working season may start earlier or be extended, March - November.  

The shifts range from 5 to 7 days a week, with a typical start time of 5am or 1 hour before Sunrise, working up to 12 hrs a day. Hours will change depending on current tasks, job type, weather and state fire season mandates.  Overtime is required when necessary.

Typical crew work schedules (exact schedules to be determined during hiring):

Sunday-Saturday w/ flexible days off

Additional job information:

  • Mandatory 1 week on the job training & evaluation @ $16/hr for all new hires
  • Monthly wage increase evaluations
  • Full year employment options available after completing 1 full seasonal term
  • Select Holiday pay, Year-end bonus, Mileage reimbursement  (conditions apply)
  • Overtime, Health & Welfare pay differential (where applicable)

Jobsites are located in remote forested areas throughout Southern Oregon, up to 1.5 hours from Medford. This is an outdoors position working in all weather conditions in steep, rocky, uneven forested terrain and in flowing creeks with slippery wet conditions.  Some crew may need to camp onsite, most crew members return home nightly. 

No Company housing is provided unless required by job type or location


Onsite training will be provided for the following tasks:

  • Identifing, transporting and proper use of rigging (blocks, straps, chains, chokers etc.) on standing trees, rootwads, boulders and cut logs, in preparation for placement
  • Organizing tools and gear and distributing to required locations on the jobsite
  • Measuring Logs, marking with paint, hanging, labeling and remoaving flagging
  • Pulling line to assist with cable layouts for material pathways to the creek
  • Lifting and carrying items up to 60 pounds, unassisted, at distances up to 500 feet, in steep uneven terrain, multiple times per day
  • Shoveling, raking, sweeping and using backpack blower
  • Spreading seed or straw mulch / lop and scatter by hand for erosion control
  • Wearing and using a chest-mounted 2-way radio for communication and safety is required of all crew members
  • Performing fire watch duties and using handheld fire tools
  • Tree climbing and attaching rigging in trees - selected employees only
  • Assisting other employees as needed
  • Operating specialized winch system or other power-driven equipment - only after employee performance and capabilities have been assessed

This is not a complete list of duties and responsibilities.


  • Current Valid ID / Driver License
  • Reliable daily transportation to & from jobsite, shop or meet up area, day & night hrs
  • Ability to lift and carry 60lbs unassisted in rugged terrain
  • Ability to squat, kneel, crawl, reach, push, pull, bend and move quickly
  • Ability to follow instructions and take direction
  • Ability to communicate clearly in person and on 2-way radios
  • Ability to work well with others and alone
  • Ability to learn how to correctly operate firefighting tools and equipment
  • Ability to work long hours outdoors, in all weather conditions, daylight & darkness
  • Willing to get wet while working in and around creeks
  • All candidates must be able to wear required Personal Protection Equipment such as: hardhats, safety glasses, radio chest pack, ear protection, heavy work boots and gloves. All listed PPE is provided, EXCEPT work boots, candidates must own or be able to provide their own boots.

Preferred candidates will have previous experience working outdoors or doing physical labor.

Although the position consists of long hours performing light and heavy labor outdoors, it is also an opportunity for crew members to learn about large wood (LWD) and log structure design and placement using specialized custom equiptment and techniques.

Interns may be able to use this job experience as a step into other private or federal positions via our direct personal contact with local fish & wildlife biologists.


  • No smoking of any kind is permitted, as we work in forested areas on private, state and federal lands.
  • No use of tobacco or drugs is permitted on jobsites, company property, or in and around company vehicles

Students can contact their advisor to see if this position may meet paid intern requirements. We will be glad to fill out any paperwork you provide.

To submit a resume, request an application, or if you have questions, please email:

Debbi Villers


To see some of what we do visit our Instagram:  Benchwood_llc


When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.

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