Trail Crew Leader/Assistant Crew Leader

Pacific Northwest Trail Association

Winthrop, Washington

Job Type Temporary
Salary Details $18.75–$23.25/hour

PNTA Trail Crew Leaders manage crews in trail construction and maintenance projects on and adjacent to the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail. Crew makeup varies according to type of crew, for example: a Performance Crew is 2–6 young adults, and occasional volunteers. Crew Leaders are model crew members and should refer to the Performance Crew Member job description for an overview of basic field duties. The following job description outlines the leadership, managerial and administrative functions of Crew Leaders.


The Crew Leader and Assistant Crew Leader divide and share managerial and administrative functions as they see fit. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the Crew Leader to ensure these duties are performed. In the field, the Crew Leader is the final decision maker. Crew Leader and Assistant Crew Leader duties include but are not limited to:

Safety: Crew Leaders are responsible for the physical and emotional safety of all crew members at all times.

  • Conduct crew orientation and daily safety meetings; teach and enforce the guidelines provided in the PNTA Field Safety Manual: Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and Injury & Illness Prevention
  • Enforce consistent use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Continuously analyze crew behavior, worksite and basecamp conditions for hazards— mitigate accordingly
  • Monitor energy levels and well-being of crew members to prevent injury and illness
  • Resolve conflicts, correct inappropriate behaviors, enforce standards

Personnel Files: Collect all personnel documents from crew members and ensure all items are complete. Update personnel records as needed. Submit crew member records to Regional Coordinator.

Meal Planning

  • Plan crew menu ensuring food supplies meet goals: budget, caloric and nutritional needs, dietary restrictions, weight & volume limitations, storage capacity, and food-safety protocols
  • Purchase food and supplies; allocate and pack supplies for each workweek

Logistics: Plan ahead for each project.

  • Tools & Gear: Gather, maintain and pack all necessary equipment and supplies
  • Schedule, Maps, Specs: Know where you’re going, how to get there, when, and what you’re expected to accomplish
  • Coordinate rendezvous with crew members and pack-support partners, as applicable
  • Emergency Action Plan: Prepare EAP for each project; review with crew during project orientation

Reporting: Prepare and submit reports to Regional Coordinator, e.g.: timesheets, expenses & mileage, and service reports including photo documentation of accomplishments and trail crew life; tool, gear and supply inventory audits etc. Project Management, Supervision

  • Manage crew in field-based tasks— maintaining trail to spec, completing assignments in a timely manner
    -Set the pace, lead by example
    -Provide crew members with ongoing technical feedback
    -Uphold production standards and quality control
    -Delegate responsibilities; facilitate teamwork, guide group dynamics
  • Foster and enforce appropriate attitudes and behaviors re: safety, civil conduct, and stewardship ethics
  • Represent the PNTA in the field; cooperate with land management partners; warmly greet and yield to trail users

Base Camp, Supervision

  • Oversee camp operations— set up, tear down, and day-to-day life; delegate and direct tasks
  • Ensure crew is executing proper campsite layout for the setting
  • Assist crew members in selecting safe tent sites, and preparing optimal shelter against adverse conditions
  • Ensure crew is following bear-safety, wildlife-proofing, and LNT protocols
  • Prepare meals, and/or oversee meal-prep and clean-up; ensure food safety

Education & Enrichment

  • Provide crew members with on-the-job training in trail construction standards & practices, safe and effective use of hand tools, outdoor and practical life skills, Leave No Trace ethics, etc.
  • Mentor for personal and professional development

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