Wyoming Waterfowl Rescue Technician

Sisecam Wyoming LLC

Green River, Wyoming

Job Type Temporary
Salary Details $22-24/hr
Deadline Jun 30, 2024
Required Experience 0 - 1 years

Technicians are responsible for the recovery of waterfowl from multiple trona tailings and decahydrate ponds located in southwest Wyoming during the fall of 2024. Candidates will work on teams of 2-3 people to perform pre-dawn/dawn scouting and then use boats to rescue birds from the ponds before temperatures rise in the late morning. This job requires 7-day per week coverage and a minimum of 8-hour shifts, which is split between a team of 3 people.

Successful applicants shall:

  • Maintain initiative, flexibility, professionalism, and willingness to safely take on new
  • Be competent working alone or in a team environment.
  • Be able to identify waterfowl species by sight and sound, on the water and in-flight, with or without the use of identification tools (i.e. species identification guides, phone apps., Etc.).
  • Demonstrate the ability to carefully and effectively capture, handle, and release living waterfowl while maintaining accurate records/field notes.
  • Exhibit care and compassion while handling aggressive and large waterfowl species, including Western Grebes, Canada Geese, Common Loons, and American White Technicians may capture, handle, rescue, and release 100 to 2000 birds during the season (August – November), depending on migration and weather conditions.
  • Follow all applicable Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA) safety rules and guidelines, which may include but is not limited to: use of a personal flotation device when near/on water, obey the facility speed limit while operating mobile equipment, use of parking brakes and wheel chocks for all mobile equipment, and a commitment to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe boots, ear plugs and earmuffs, etc.
  • Safely use mobile equipment including airboats, amphibious 8-wheel boats, and a fishing open top kayak to capture, clean, and release waterfowl that land in trona tailings ponds.
  • Be willing to work in all weather conditions, in a saline and wet environment while maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Be capable or willing to learn how to safely back up a truck and trailer combo, load and unload boats from the water, and operate 4-wheel drive vehicles on uneven terrain.
  • Perform daily housekeeping tasks including cleaning of boats, equipment, and work area.
  • Perform minor equipment maintenance such as refueling diesel/gasoline tanks, checking fluid levels, and greasing wheel bearings.
  • Other assigned duties may include groundwater well monitoring assistance, dam safety inspections, signage and fence repair, cutting down brush, and other miscellaneous tasks.
  • Be flexible; this position is not a Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm job; it requires starting at sunrise most days (varies between 6:30 and 7:45 start times), working most weekends, and may require working longer than 8-hour days depending on waterfowl density on the ponds.

Minimum Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be able to successfully pass a drug and alcohol test, as well as a background check
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Fluent in English
  • Availability to work weekends, holidays, and non-typical hours
  • Must have dependable transportation
  • MSHA Surface Metal/Non-Metal annual certification or the ability to obtain annual certification. Certification should be obtained before July 29th if possible
  • The ability to lift & carry up to 60 lbs. occasionally; stand/walk/climb stairs; lean over the side of boats; wear dual hearing protection and other PPE as required
  • Demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills
  • Eagerness to learn about the interaction between industrial settings and wildlife mitigation
  • Willing and eager to work on various boats using approved standard operating procedures
  • Be a self-starter and avoid idle time by doing other assigned tasks

Desired Skills/Qualifications:

  • Degree or interest in Biology, Wildlife Biology, or Environmental Science
  • Previous wildlife handling experience
  • Previous experience working at a mine site under MSHA regulations
  • Previous boating experience including kayaks, airboats(loading and unloading), and wheeled boats
  • Previous experience backing up trailers

Other Information:

  • Please note this is a 4-month temporary position, with no guarantee of a full-time
  • Paid vacation is not offered with this position and vacation requests greater than 5-day may not be approved due to the need for 7-days per week coverage.
  • All applicants must provide their own housing and transportation to and from
  • The facility is located approximately 40 miles from Rock Springs, WY and 26 miles from Green River, WY (the nearest towns).
  • PPE supplied by employer includes: hard hat, steel toed rubber boots, safety glasses (clear and sunglasses), gloves, PFD, ear plugs, ear muffs, basic rain jacket and bib style pants.

*We provide paid MSHA Surface New Miner training locally in Rock Springs, WY prior to August 1. This is a 3-day class offered by the local community college


To Apply: Please submit a resume to Kristina Barden (Environmental Department) at kbarden@sisecam.com

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.

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