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Forest Analyst

NCRM, Inc.

Ukiah, CA

$35 - $50 /hour -- NCRM, Inc. -- Support carbon offset projects, timber inventory, and timberland appraisals....

1 days ago

Stream And River Research Technician (Hourly)

Illinois Natural History Survey

Champaign, IL

$15 - $16 /hour -- Illinois Natural History Survey -- Conduct fish surveys, collect macroinvertebrate samples, conduct habitat assessments, and water chemistry testing. Conduct laboratory work includi...

1 days ago

Lost Trails Found Crew Member

Washington Trails Association

North Bend, WA

$20 /hour -- Washington Trails Association -- Six positions available to complete backcountry trail maintenance projects in remote settings....

1 days ago

Chief Operating Officer

Mission Blue

Oakland, CA

Mission Blue -- Manage the day-to-day operations, with direct oversight of the accounting, financial reporting, legal, and human resources functions....

1 days ago

Community Partnerships & Projects Manager

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

Seattle, WA

$60,000-$70,000 -- Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust -- Support implementation of ecological restoration, recreation, and education projects....

1 days ago

Restoration Projects Manager

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

Issaquah, WA

$60,000-$70,000 -- Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust -- Conduct projects with a focus on riparian restoration (improve habitat for threatened Chinook and other salmon species), community-oriented rest...

1 days ago

Project Manager (Water and Agriculture)

Sustainable Conservation

San Francisco/Modesto, CA

$68,000-$78,000 -- Sustainable Conservation -- Initiate, plan, and complete projects to meet deadlines and create high-quality effective work products....

1 days ago

River Health & Resiliency Organizer

Prairie Rivers Network

Champaign, IL

$40,000-$60,000 -- Prairie Rivers Network -- Remote position to educate, engage, and activate community members interested in nature-based solutions, build abundant and higher quality habitat to addre...

1 days ago

Executive Director

Wright-Locke Farm Conservancy, Inc.

Winchester, MA

$70,000 - $85,000 -- Wright-Locke Farm Conservancy, Inc. -- Lead teams of farmers, educators, event coordinators, and food specialists, dedicated to working together to promoting sustainable practices...

1 days ago

Environmental Educator - Summer

Manzano Day School

Albuquerque, NM

$12 /hour + room and board -- Manzano Day School -- Lead and facilitate a variety of outdoor activities, such as: canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, archery, camping, campfires, noncompetitive games, ...

1 days ago

AL Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist - Two Positions

Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever

Cullman and Carrollton, AL

$39,000 -- Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever -- Conduct habitat planning, contract coordination, conservation plan writing, site assessment/eligibility determination, practice certification, program p...

1 days ago

Climate Solutions Internship

Obtawaing Biosphere Region


$22 /hour + housing -- Obtawaing Biosphere Region -- Work toward the development of region-wide climate vulnerability assessment and action strategies....

1 days ago

Watercraft Inspection Steward/Environmental Educator

WNY Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management

Buffalo, NY

$16 - $17 /hour -- WNY Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management -- Assist with invasive species removal projects such as early detection/rapid response and control efforts, to reduce estab...

1 days ago

Online Master’s in Marine Science

Unity College

100% Online

Learn to apply leading edge techniques in marine research & data analysis to solve global problems. Choose from concentrations in marine mammals, marine predators, and reef conservation.