Biological Science Technician

US Fish and Wildlife Service San Marcos, Texas
Deadline Nov 16, 2018
Job Type Seasonal / temporary


Assist with daily aquatic animal husbandry duties such as, but not limited to, specimen collection, aquatic holding system construction and maintenance, feeding, and assisting rearing aquatic species, implementation of standard biosecurity and health practices. Work also includes locating and collecting aquatic species. Assist with the maintenance of associated aquatic species aquarium systems including the inspection and maintenance of water recirculating systems and its associated pumps, pipes, filters, controllers, and heater/chiller systems daily.

Conduct routine water analyses to determine physical and chemical characteristics of water. Utilize technical equipment such as microscopes and water quality meters.

Assist with on-going research activities for the refugia species, this includes feeding organisms, observing and recording data, moving amphibian eggs, documenting development, and constructing holding containers for invertebrate species under direction of lead biologists.

Compute, record, compile, and summarize data in tabular, graphic, or narrative form for reports or presentations and/or enter data into databases. Enter and retrieve data from geographic information systems and/or other information management systems.

Operate a variety of field equipment commonly used in research studies, including, water quality measuring equipment, amphibian sampling gear, cars, pickup trucks, and non-motorized boats.

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