Community Scientist


New York , New York

BioBus, Inc. is pleased to announce a job opening for a Community Scientist. We are seeking someone with rigorous scientific training and a passion for environmental education to join our Lower East Side-based team.  This role will provide support for our urban ecology programs both on the BioBus and during after school classes.
Company Information
Founded in 2008, BioBus aims to spark, cultivate and sustain interest in science by providing people of all ages and backgrounds access to hands-on research lab experiences. We operate the BioBus, a research-grade microscope lab on wheels that visits schools across the NYC metropolitan area and reaches over 30,000 people a year. In addition, we run ongoing BioBase programs, including afterschool and weekend science classes, science summer camps, public science lectures and professional development workshops for NYC public school teachers.
BioBus’ scientific team consists of scientists trained at premier research institutions, who work collaboratively to develop unforgettable learning experiences. Creativity and intellectual independence are highly valued. We offer a casual work environment, flexible work schedules, competitive benefits, and a friendly and supportive culture free from excessive hierarchy.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Graduate degree OR significant research experience in biology or related field
  • 1 year teaching experience, formal or informal
  • Experience working in ecology or environmental education
  • Ability to communicate complex scientific concepts to children and young adults
  • A positive attitude, and a willingness to be adapt to new challenges
  • A passion for science and education!

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2 or more years teaching experience, formal or informal
  • PhD in biology or related field
  • Degree in ecology or environmental science
  • Diverse teaching experience, with multiple student age groups
  • Experience driving large vehicles a plus
  • Optical microscopy expertise


Teaching 2-3 days a week on board the BioBus, which involves:

  • leading hands-on activities using state-of-the-art microscopes,
  • traveling to diverse neighborhoods across the NYC Metro Area,
  • working with students grades PreK-12,
  • interacting with hundreds of students per week, and
  • imbuing students with a passion for open-ended exploration of the natural world.

Developing and supporting other hands-on, inquiry-driven science programs, such as:

  • science internships for high school and college students,
  • science summer camps,
  • field trips to BioBus research labs,
  • partnerships with schools and community-based organizations to support student science,
  • ongoing citizen science projects in urban ecology,
  • weekend programs for families,
  • professional development workshops for teachers, or
  • public programs for a diverse audience.


Please go here to apply for the BioBus Community Scientist position.