Conservation Science and SciComm Manager

Wildlife Conservation Society

Fairbanks, Alaska

Job Type Permanent
Salary Details Starting at $80,000
Required Experience 2 - 6 years

Reports to:                                        Regional Director, Arctic Beringia Program

Position Managed:                           Terrestrial Program Coordinator; Avian Ecologist and Fisheries Ecologist

Location:                                           Fairbanks, Alaska (In person with remote work in the field)

Country Program/Sector:               GCP/Arctic Beringia

Scope:                                               Terrestrial in Alaska and avian flyways across the Americas (i.e., Patagonia to Alaska).

Position Type:                                   Full-Time

Job Summary:

The Arctic Beringia Program has built a strong foundation of species, habitat, and issue-based projects across the three country components of our region – Canada, Russia, and the United States. Our work is closely tied with food security needs, and often co-produced with Indigenous partners. Current focal areas include marine mammals and shipping, carnivore conservation, avian conservation, healthy coastal fisheries, wood bison reintroductions, and habitat restoration.

To increase our impact, we are looking for an individual with experience in the science synthesis, science/management, and/or science/policy interfaces – with strong credentials in science communication (SciComm). This person will work with the Regional Director to help oversee our current field research efforts (both programmatically and administratively), network with partners, support proposal development, and ensure that outputs from the different components of our program are as synergistic as possible for creating impact through writing and/or graphical outputs.

Overall, the Conservation Science and SciComm Manager will provide an important support role for our current activities and outputs. The position is explicitly one that is providing umbrella support for project leads and synergy in reporting across projects, but not leading field research efforts.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Field Program Oversight (35%): The position will support current field programs, with a specific focus to ensure individual efforts are able to accomplish their intended conservation impact. While focus will be across all aspects of our program, this position will be particularly engaged with wood bison, habitat restoration, and marine mammal projects.
  • Science Communication and Reporting (35%): The position will use key knowledge streams (both scientific and Indigenous Knowledge) to accomplish impact. The position will help individual science staff at the project level with study conception, design, implementation, but primarily focus on impact. The position will work with the Regional Director to ensure that our program is utilizing information (both historical and current) most effectively as we work toward our conservation goals on a local level (Alaska), regional level (Arctic Beringia), and global level (as part of the WCS 2030 strategy). Part of this task will involve designing high quality editorial and/or graphic outputs of our program that are customized for specific outlets and uses.
  • Permit coordination (5%): Our program requires a diverse array of permits that this position will track and help to ensure economies of effort across projects where possible. The position will coordinate with our Social Safeguards lead to ensure all local engagements are reviewed
  • Networking (5%): - The position will build and maintain productive relationships with impact partners that transcend any specific project. This necessitates a commitment to understanding and learning across cultures and jurisdictions when considering what goals that we are striving for, and the mechanisms to accomplish them. Networking will also involve engaging with regional and thematic coalitions, both in Alaska and Washington DC.
  • Fundraising (20%): Assist in identifying grant opportunities, coordinate with staff scientists on applicable projects, and work with Regional Business Manager to draft budgets.

Job Qualifications:

  • PhD in natural science or environmental policy, with Interdisciplinary experience, and at least three years of applied experience.
  • Proven ability to write multi-partner and interdisciplinary proposals.
  • Strong communication skills (both verbal and written) with examples of published work in the written or online media. Graphic design skills a strong benefit.
  • Fluency in English (written and verbal) language.

Additional Requirements:

  • Residency in Fairbanks.
  • Expected travel: 85% of the position’s time will be spent in Fairbanks, 15% time potentially traveling for field activities, meetings, and training.
  • Understanding and experience working with Indigenous partners.
  • Comfortable operating in a dynamic environment and responding quickly to sudden needs and opportunities.
  • Self-Reliance in Remote Work Environments.

WCS is an equal opportunity employer, and the organization complies with all employment and labor laws and regulations that prohibit discrimination in hiring and ensures that candidates from all backgrounds are fairly and consistently considered during the recruitment process. We are dedicated to hiring and engaging a diverse workforce. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment and look for future team members who share that same value. The organization provides equal employment opportunities for all qualified candidates. The organization does not discriminate for employment based on gender, race/ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, caste, genetic information or any other covered status or characteristic protected by laws and regulations/and similar categories.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that we do not tolerate discrimination or harassment based upon a person’s membership in one of these protected categories in areas such as recruitment, selection, job assignment, supervision, training, promotions, job grading, transfers, termination, compensation, benefits, educational opportunities, WCS sponsored recreational activities and facilities.

The organization complies with the spirit and intent of relevant local laws and WCS’s employment policies.


If interested, please email arcticberingia@wcs.org to apply. Please submit a resume and cover letter. 

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.

Category Admin & Leadership, General / Stewardship, Policy And Law