Forestry Technician (Fire) (Helitack)

National Park Service Los Alamos, New Mexico
Deadline May 28, 2019
Job Type Paid permanent


  • Serves as a lead wildland firefighter on an interagency helitack crew.
  • Leads and assists the fire operation efforts of the helicopter module, including but not limited to fire suppression, prescribed fire, hazardous fuels reduction, hazard tree mitigation and aviation.
  • Directs the loading of helicopter personnel and cargo considering weight and balance, securing cargo, etc.
  • Completes manifests of personnel and equipment being transported to the fire or other work sites.
  • Inventories and inspects helicopter accessories, fire tools, and equipment.
  • Assures that needed tools and equipment are available for fire fighting tasks. Ensures helitack crew maintains high state of readiness.
  • Serves as a helispot, dipsite manager on incidents requiring the establishment of these sites. May serve as a helicopter manager and PLDO (Plastic Sphere Dispenser Operator).
  • Certified in the use of long line external loads and the operation and maintenance of accessory equipment.
  • Prepares and maintains required documents (e.g., flight invoices, manifests, daily diaries, and load calculations.
  • Implements formal and informal training programs to comply with policy and regulations.
  • Participates in crew proficiency checks and drills, safety sessions, and fire critiques.
  • Operates a variety of motor vehicles to transport equipment, supplies, crew members, etc.
  • Evaluates fire situations based on fire behavior, weather, topography, fuel types and potential hazards and makes recommendations of best approaches and practices in the deploying personnel and equipment in the protection of the values at risk.

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Category Forestry