Forestry Technician (Recreation)

US Forest Service Bridgeport, California
Deadline Nov 15, 2018
Job Type Seasonal / temporary

This position assists in the development and the accomplishment of the district’s OHV program through successful accomplishment of the following projects and assignments:

Assists in the development and the accomplishment of the district’s OHV program within the framework of existing planning documents. Patrols OHV use areas to ensure areas are operated, used and maintained in accordance with the recreation plan and other appropriate planning documents. Prepares for review by supervisor, environmental documents for OHV projects and special use events.

Coordinates and develops a recreation plan for developed and dispersed recreation sites. Plans are for recreation and wilderness area maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and construction projects in accordance with program management goals. Recommends specific requirements for use of OHVs and the proposed recreation facilities.

Implements and manages the unit’s OHV recreation program, including but not limited to, identifying and conducting maintenance and reconstruction of OHV routes.

Works with others in the development of budget data for the new and developed recreation sites and trails for OHVs.

Monitors, inspects, and reports on contracted operations for compliance with contract provisions. Jointly prepares, administers and inspects OHV outfitter guide permits. Issues notices of field violations when violations of regulations are encountered. Conducts investigation, collects evidence and prepares case reports on violations. Serves as a Forest Protection Officer (FPO).

Operates and maintains, in safe working order, assigned vehicles, motorcycles and ATV and trail maintenance equipment and specialized equipment used. Enforces Title 36 CFR requirements, or comparable and related regulations. Provides supervision and training of all personnel in preparation for operation of equipment.

Assists with the enforcement of Off-Road-Vehicle (ORV) restrictions, including maintenance and posting of regulatory signs and enforcement of restrictions. Monitors, inspects, and reports on contracted operations for compliance with contract provisions. Assures that recreation fees are collected for all fee areas and that the funds are accounted for and transmitted to the appropriate unit. Enforces all regulations and rules of law. May appear before third party at hearings.

Provides public information and interpretive services, including detailed information concerning recreational opportunities. Educate OHV users on potential resource damage caused by illegal use. Serves as liaison with community organizations and interest groups to stimulate interest in and utilization of forest recreation facilities.

Responsible for preparation and administration of recreation event special use permits. Monitors permittee compliance with special use permits. Requests immediate corrective action where public health and safety are involved.

Supervisory Duties and Responsibilities

This position exercises supervisory / managerial authorities and responsibilities less than 20% of the time, over a small crew that performs necessary trail maintenance, bridge construction/reconstruction, and various OHV unit projects/activities crucial to the Forest Service unit.

These authorities exceed those typical of work leaders and include assigning and reviewing work daily, weekly, or monthly; assuring that production and accuracy requirements are met; and approving leave. The incumbent is expected to perform the following supervisory duties and responsibilites:

Provides technical and administrative supervision to subordinate employees comprised of temporaries, volunteers, and partners who operate and maintain campgrounds, cabins, and provide trail maintenance/improvements. Interviews candidates for employment and recommends temporary hires.

Plans work to be accomplished by subordinates, sets and adjusts short-term priorities, and prepares schedules for completion of work.

Assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, selective consideration of the difficulty and requirements of assignments, and the capabilities of employees.

Coordinates within the unit to ensure that timeliness, form, procedure, accuracy, quality and quantity standards are met in individual cases.

Evaluates work performance of subordinates. Effects minor disciplinary measures, such as verbal warnings and cautions. Gives advice, counsel or instruction to employees on both work and administrative matters. Refers grievances and more serious unresolved complaints to a higher-level supervisor.

Performs other supervisory / managerial duties as assigned.

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