Great Basin Institute

Placerville, California

Job Type Temporary
Salary Details $24/hour

Great Basin Institute and the US Forest Service, Eldorado National Forest, are seeking a Geospatial Technician to support the following critical work activities. Work on this project shall require a GIS background and expertise and experience with ESRI GIS and Adobe Creative Cloud software. The primary work location will be at the Eldorado National Forest Supervisor’s Headquarters in Placerville, CA. Secondary workplaces may occur at other locations.

Tasks under this project shall include:

GIS Project Support including Data Management

  • Requires the use of USFS corporate and other agency Geographic Information System data to perform GIS analysis and produce  maps for USFS projects.
  • Data capture, map attributing, editing, plotting and reporting as required
  • Completes and updates metadata records for GIS projects.
  • Collects geospatial and resource data using manual and technology assisted methods including GPS and mobile computing  technology.
  • Incorporates field collected and remote sensing data into corporate geospatial data sets using established procedures.
  • Updates geospatial data sets for multiple disciplines including recreation, silviculture, wildlife, hydrology, engineering, fire, etc.

Geospatial Analysis

  • Uses standard operations and scripted processes to manipulate and analyze geospatial data to support multi-resource analysis in  support of planning

Cartographic and Map Design/Production

  • Uses GIS software and cartographic tools to create simple thematic and reference maps, following appropriate standards.
  • Reads and understands metadata to determine appropriate use.
  • Uses and understands project map templates

Training and Support

  • Conducts informal training and provides technical assistance to GIS software users in the development, storage, retrieval and  analysis of data.


  • Bachelor’s degree in natural sciences, geography, or closely related field with coursework and/or experience that demonstrate understanding of the principles of geographic information systems.
  • Demonstrate experience in geographic information systems, using ArcGIS.
       o Create maps, analyze data, manage data.
       o Knowledge of ArcGIS Survey123 and Collector is preferred.
    Ability to work with a variety of personnel encompassing many fields of expertise.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both written and orally.
  • Experience using Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat desired
  • Some experience with Python 2.x & 3.x desired

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