Hunting Property / Farm Manager


Lugoff, South Carolina

Job Type Permanent
Salary Details $16 to $18 per hour depending on skills
Deadline Dec 31, 2019

Property Overview:

Bluelands is a 2,000-acre mix of ag land, loblolly pine plantations, hardwoods, duck ponds, dove fields, food plots and a fishing pond. The property is managed for the benefit and enjoyment of the owner’s family and friends with an emphasis on hunting ducks, turkey, deer and dove. The ag land is leased to a local farmer who plants corn and soybeans. Bluelands borders the Wateree River. Bluelands has two tractors, a back hoe, a bush hog and bat-wing bush hog, a no-till grain drill, a disc, sprayer and various other implements and tools. 

General Responsibilities and Duties

  • Work with the owner and third parties to develop and execute wildlife management plans.
  • Maintain farm equipment through preventative maintenance and contacting outside repair vendors as needed.
  • Maintain roadways, gates, etc.
  • Maintain the owner’s house.

Duck Ponds

  • Plant chufa and millet, and other crops as may be decided, in the 4 duck ponds. Farmer will plant corn in the ponds.
  • Soil test, fertilize and spray as needed.
  • Prepare duck blinds for the hunting season.
  • Flood and drain ponds at appropriate times.
  • Clean ducks as requested

Dove Fields

  • Plant and sunflowers and millet in the two dove fields. Farmer will plant corn in the dove fields.
  • Soil test, fertilize and spray as needed.
  • Prepare the fields for the hunting season.

Turkey Chufa Plots

  • Plant chufa plots for turkeys
  • Maintain the chufa plots with fertilizer, spray, etc.

Deer Food Plots and stands

  • Food plots consist primarily of Durana and Patriot clover.
  • Maintain clover by spraying, bush hogging and fertilizing.
  • Drill in oats annually in October.
  • Maintain stands and prepare them for hunting season.
  • Process the owner’s deer.


  • Maintain roads by scraping and filling in holes as needed.
  • Maintain roadsides with bush hog and spray

Equipment Maintenance & Shop

  • Perform scheduled preventative maintenance per equipment specific guidelines.
  • Keep equipment in good condition and appearance.
  • Bring in outside repair resources when needed.
  • Keep good maintenance records
  • Maintain the shop and shed area in an orderly manner and secure all tools, etc. at days end.

Owners House and Yard

  • Cut grass and trim bushes as needed.
  • Perform other light duty chores as requested and time permits.


The successful candidate for this job will meet or exceed the following requirements.

  • Education level – High school diploma or equivalent.Wildlife management degree helpful.
  • Experience – 5 years experience in a farming environment with emphasis on hunting ducks, turkeys, deer and doves.
  • Specific skills – Operating and maintaining tractors, planting crops such as corn, chufa, clover and cereal grains. General farming skills. Pine plantation burning skills. Chemical handling and spraying skills.
  • Personal characteristics – Good references are required and will be checked.
  • Certifications – Controlled burn and chemical applicators certifications are desirable but can be earned after employment begins.
  • Physical abilities – No reasonable physical limitations as this work is outside, tough and requires a significant level of physical exertion.


Base Pay

  • Starting base pay will be $16 to $18 per hour depending upon qualifications.
  • Pay will be based on a 2080 hour year and paid as salary on the 15th and 30th of the month.
  • An annual pay and performance review will be conducted
  • Annual pay increases will likely be in the 3% range but could be higher or lower depending upon performance.

Vacation Pay

  • Manager will be allowed two weeks (10 weekdays) of vacation annually.
  • Vacation must be taken at non-critical times, ie not when planting or other time sensitive events are occurring.
  • Vacation should be scheduled in advance by notifying owner.


  • Manager will be allowed to take holidays such as July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Day off with pay. Other holidays can be discussed.


It is preferred that manager stays in the “manager’s house” located on the property at 317 Mesa Ln., Lugoff, SC 29078. There will be no rental charge. Owner will pay for power and maintain the house. If manager elects to stay in the house manager will be required to take reasonable care of the house. Details of the occupancy will be provided in a license agreement.

Farm Truck

Manager will be allowed to use the farm’s F-150 for all work related to the farm. Any personal travel must be done in the manager’s personal vehicle.


Manager should note that safety is a condition of employment. Unsafe operation of farm equipment and tools will result in discontinuation of employment.


Apply by emailing resume and cover letter to 

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.