Loggerhead Conservation, Camp and Field Coordinators

Turtle Foundation

Boa Vista, Cape Verde , Africa

Period:   1st of June - October 31st

Background Information:

Turtle Foundation (TF) began working in Boa Vista in 2008 in response to reports of a high level of poaching of turtles the previous year. These days TF combines beach monitoring and protection with a strong community component to raise awareness and continue to improve the situation for the marine environment and communities that depend on it.

Positions available:

TF are looking for Coordinators to manage all aspects of work from beach camps on turtle project; this includes data collection, camp life, and volunteer wellbeing (with support and supervision of the project management team).

 we are looking for:

  • Field Coordinators
  • Camp Coordinators


-Available for 5 months (1st of June – October 31st )

-Fluent in both, English and Portuguese

-Experience in working with turtles in nesting beaches (for field coordinator)

-Experience in managing camps and organising events (for Camp Coordinator)

-Passionate about the environment

-Able to walk long distances on soft sand at night.

-A sense of humour!


Turtle Foundation will incur with the costs towards food and accommodation during your time in the project, and provide transportation to and from project sites once on the island (providing there is a car coming/going to camp).

Additionally, a small salary of € 450/month will be offered. Travel costs for a return flight to Boa Vista will be reimbursed up to € 500.

On free days camp coordinators cover their own expenses.


Info documents with a detailed description of each position and general project info (Description of project sites and visa info) are available in our website.

Please check the GENERAL INFORMATION document (PDF) in  https://www.turtle-foundation.org/en/volunteering-and-jobs-cv-en/job-vacancies-cv/

Job applicants will be required to send a conclusive job application including a complete curriculum vitae to nicolau@turtle-foundation.org

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

The TF Cabo Verde Team

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