The Great Basin Institute Reno, Nevada
Deadline Dec 15, 2018
Job Type Paid permanent

The Great Basin Institute is an interdisciplinary field studies organization that promotes environmental research, education, and service through the west. The Institute’s mission is to advance applied science and ecological literacy through community engagement and agency partnerships, supporting national parks, forest, open spaces and public lands.

Description: The Great Basin Institute seeks a Logistics Coordinator to support field crews, our large fleet of vehicles and equipment, and other needs as assigned. This individual will be responsible for supervising seasonal AmeriCorps Volunteers from April through September to accomplish the various aspects of GBI Logistics Coordination described below.

Field Crews

The Great Basin Institute fields individuals and crews in multiple western states (including CA, ID, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY, AZ, CO, and MT). These crews implement a wide variety of work for and in support of Federal Land Management Agencies, State Agencies, and others. Example projects include trail work, ecological monitoring, natural resources inventories, rare plant surveys, archaeological surveys, and forest health assessments. Many of our crews work in remote field locations on multi-day backcountry field tours.  

We seek a Logistics Coordinator to collaborate with GBI staff while overseeing equipment, fleet, and other needs associated with running field operations. These responsibilities require strong skills in organization, communication, and problem solving. This position requires a pro-active, independent, creative, and thoughtful mindset; an ability to problem solve and ‘make things happen’ is essential for success and happiness. This position is crucial to the success of our field crews and GBI’s mission.

Fleet and Facilities

The Logistics Coordinator will be in charge of developing, implementing and maintaining systems to effectively track and monitor vehicle assignment, maintenance, and overall condition, as well as tools and equipment used by employees of the Great Basin Institute. This person will ensure that all repairs are completed in a timely manner and that all issues are documented and responded to appropriately. The Logistics Coordinator will also oversee the driver’s training program for the Institute and support operations and maintenance of three properties, including two residential properties and one commercial property. This position requires the ability to work within a budget, the ability to manage a small team, track inventory, exposure to 4x4 and off-road driving experience, multi-tasking, and logistical expertise.

Essential Functions and Duties:

  • Perform pre and post-season equipment/supply checks and inventories, obtain new or replacement equipment and supplies, and track location and condition of equipment and supplies;
  • Register field crew members for Wilderness First Aid and other technical training, and otherwise support training as needed;
  • Manage paperwork for safety monitoring, progress reporting, vehicle mileage, and other logs and reports from the field;
  • Support daily safety check-ins and other safety communication to provide timely and effective support of field crews;
  • Coordinate with other GBI staff during the field season to address crew needs/issues as they may arise in the field;
  • Support fleet needs, including the following:
  • Assist program staff with vehicle assignment, availability, and tracking;
  • Managing logistics involved with the transportation of vehicles over large distances and between varying projects; evaluate vehicle needs and status of available fleet and reallocate vehicles based on program needs;
  • Utilize online tools and databases to update driver and project assignments, add and remove drivers from company fuel card plans, and report on violations of the GBI Vehicle Policy;
  • Coordinate GBI’s incident review process, communicate corrective and preventative actions to drivers responsible for incidents, and escalate to project staff as appropriate;
  • Maintain vehicle registration, smog tests, and insurance on all GBI vehicles. Ensure all vehicles are properly outfitted with emergency equipment kits and auxiliary equipment.;
  • Ensure vehicle condition—including cleanliness— is documented before and after assignments and hold employees responsible for vehicle damage;
  • Maintain, revise, and implement GBI’s Drivers Training Course with the help of other program staff and ensure consistent practices are in place throughout GBI regional offices and employee assignments; and
  • Other crew, fleet, and facility duties as assigned.


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