Part-Time Researcher

Revive & Restore Sausalito, California
Job Type Seasonal / temporary

Revive & Restore is a non-profit organization with a mission to enhance biodiversity through the genetic rescue of endangered and extinct species. Recent advances and plummeting costs in biotechnology have already transformed the fields of health and agriculture. We have the opportunity to draft behind these advances and potentially apply new biotechnology tools to address some of the most intractable problems in conservation: invasive species, biodiversity loss, habitat destruction, exotic diseases, and climate change.  

We are looking for part-time researchers to assist with projects that will help identify a range of possible genomic tools and biotechnologies that can be applied to challenging conservation issues. Deliverables will vary by project, but will likely include an inventory of current scientific research, as well as challenges, risks, and opportunities for emerging genetic interventions.

What You’ll Do:

  • Research the field (literature, conference proceedings, and interviewing recognized experts in conservation and biotech) with the goal of evaluating current genomic or biotech-based conservation efforts and emerging opportunities for priority species, habitats, or ecosystems. This review should enumerate existing resources plus potential investments and focus areas. This research will be used to make recommendations of areas of immediate focus for the region in question, where genomic tools are under consideration and could be most effective.
  • Deliverables will include:
    • An annotated bibliography of the most current and relevant literature. This work will help define the state of the science and where new attention in genomic technologies could be focused.
    • Interviews with experts to:
      • Identify areas where genetic insights can dramatically inform and improve the management of wildlife resources;
      • Identify appropriate tools, resources, and institutions that are playing or could play a role in any solution or intervention;
      • Highlight specific examples of endangered species and ecosystems in need of genetic interventions for resilience or adaptation;
      • Identify potential opportunities in synthetic biology for displacing the use of wildlife products;
      • Identify invasive species in urgent need of control for which biotechnology may offer improvement upon current management strategies.
    • Written reports, summaries, evaluations, and recommendations.


  • A broad understanding of conservation genomics and/or synthetic biology is preferred.  Specific expertise in marine biology is an immediate need.
  • M.Sc or equivalent degree in relevant science fields, including comparative genomics, functional genomics, population genomics, ancient DNA, bioinformatics, ecology and evolutionary biology, developmental biology, conservation biology, systems biology and genetic engineering.
  • Candidates that have authored or co-authored ecology, conservation genomics, or conservation review papers will be given preference.

Salary: TBD

Location:  Virtual.  Occasional San Francisco Bay Area meetings preferred but not essential.

Employment Period: Starting ASAP. This could be a short-term (6 weeks) or ongoing temporary position, depending on interest and fit.


Please submit a cover letter and C.V. (PDF) addressed to our Executive Director Ryan Phelan to

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.