Project ANT Member (3 positions), Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Hobe Sound, Florida

Job Type AmeriCorps
Salary Details $1550 / month x 11 months
Deadline Jan 15, 2024
Required Experience 0 - 1 years
4 generations of AmeriCorps March 2021 prescribed burn

Project ANT members at Jonathan Dickinson State Park participate in a variety of tasks to land management in an outdoor setting:

  • Non-native plant removal is the primary task, using mechanical (typically a machete) and chemical means (triclopyr ester & glyphosate application); includes maintenance of tools and facilities (50% of total work hours);
  • Participation in 10 to 20 prescribed fires, including clean-up & maintenance of tools and staging of equipment after completion of a physical fitness test (walk 2 miles carrying a 25-pound weighted vest in under 30 minutes) (10 to 20%);
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection trainings, such as Basic Fire Management class (S130/S190/L180 March 4th to 8th 2024 with an NWCG certified instructor), DEP ATV / UTV training, DEP chainsaw training; DEP trailer training; on the job chemical mixing training and DEP formal herbicide training, plant identification training (as needed), 4x4 off road vehicle training, site orientation, basic FDEP employee trainings (5-10%);
  • Red cockaded woodpecker (Federally endangered birds) monitoring and associated activities (5%);
  • Required to attend 3 in person, weeklong, off-site trainings / service work projects in March, August, & December in central and north Florida (5-10%) throughout the year;
  • Quarterly water quality sampling (1%);
  • Removal of exotic plants off a boat and maintenance of eelgrass fences on the National Wild & Scenic Northwest Fork of the Loxahatchee River and clearing downed debris along the river (1-5%);
  • Filling out monthly timesheets & 4 quarterly reports (1%);
  • Help maintain trails as needed (vegetation clearing & possibly helping maintain boardwalks for the public to enjoy) (1-5%);
  • Help with planting of native plants such as eelgrass (aquatic); South Florida slash pine trees, bald and pond cypress, & moving, monitoring, & planting of rare species such as Tolumnia bahamensis (1-5%);
  • Some projects (such as planting, trash removal, trail maintenance, and non-native plant removal) include working with small, medium, and large groups of volunteers and include talking to folks about how to effectively and safely conduct work (1%);
  • Assist local college student with a research project (1%);
  • Must be able to work closely with a group of 4 to 5 people and keep up professional relationships over the course of 11 months AND less intensely with 15 full time staff and a revolving group of 10 to 20 seasonal volunteers (100% of the time);
  • Compensation is $1550 / month x 11 months; shared, rustic housing with shared laundry, kitchen, & bathroom facilities are available (can be occupied February 1, 2024; but that is negotiable); potentially eligible for SNAP benefits; Segal Education Award after completion of 1700 hours ($6,895) https://americorps.gov/members-volunteers/segal-americorps-education-award;
  • Term is tentatively set to start on 2/5/2024 and ends 12/31/2024;
  • Typical work week is Monday through Friday, 730am to 400pm; approximately 5-10 Saturdays and 1 Sunday (10/20/24) are required to attend;
  • Candidate is required to complete 1700 hours of supervised service over 11 months;
  • Position is a great learning and skill building experience for folks interested in the fields of forestry, environmental science, natural resource management, endangered species management, natural resource conservation, parks and recreation management, and wildland fire;
  • Position requires a High School diploma or equivalent. Hiring manager prefers an Associates or Bachelor’s Degree. Candidates must be able to work in in hot & humid environments for prolonged periods during the day and throughout the 11-month period of service.

**Apply here: https://my.americorps.gov/mp/listing/viewListing.do?fromSearch=true&id=6111**

*******Recruitment video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVE9bmxO3sk*******


**Apply here: https://my.americorps.gov/mp/listing/viewListing.do?fromSearch=true&id=6111**

*******Recruitment video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVE9bmxO3sk*******

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.

Category Forestry, Restoration
Tags Wildland Firefighter