Research Oceanographer, ZP-1360-3 (DE/CR)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Plainsboro, New Jersey
Deadline Nov 13, 2018
Job Type Paid permanent


As Research Oceanographer, you will perform the following duties:

Provide critical numerical model development and implementation capability in the upper ocean boundary layer turbulence and coupled air-sea-wave interactions.

Use combinations of oceanographic numerical models in order to advance the fidelity of NOAA’s ocean circulation models and forecast systems.

Work with surface wave models, non-hydrostatic large eddy simulation process models and encodes algorithms in a working ocean-circulation; and, develop analysis software to derive understanding from the output from large-scale process simulations.

Conduct research on ocean surface boundary layers turbulence, Langmuir turbulence and surface waves under extreme conditions and sea states to reduce model biases and increase new understanding of ocean surface turbulence and wave impacts on largescale ocean circulation and mixing of head, carbon and momentum.

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Category Marine Biology