Rio Grande Joint Venture Communications Specialist

American Bird Conservancy

Houston, Texas

Job Type Temporary
Salary Details DOE
Deadline Jul 01, 2022

Location: Texas or Northern Mexico

Type of Position: Contract or part-time position with the American Bird Conservancy.

Candidates from both the US and Mexico are encouraged to apply.

Timeframe: One year with potential for extension based on budget and performance

The Rio Grande Joint Venture (RGJV) seeks an outgoing, energetic, bilingual communications professional to help build the communication program for its binational, partnership based, migratory bird conservation efforts. Migratory Bird Joint Ventures are voluntary, non-regulatory, regionally based partnerships that cooperatively work together using science and planning tools to strategically accomplish habitat conservation. An important component in the success of Joint Ventures is their ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences using a broad suite of approaches. The RGJV Communications Specialist will have the opportunity to work with staff to finalize and begin to execute a new communications plan.

The communications specialist will work with RGJV staff and management board to finalize a Communications Workplan and execute specific tasks, including building our communications presence through newsletters, flyers, fact sheets and other media. The Communications Specialist will also contribute ideas for updating and refining the RGJV website and work with the Science Coordinator to design an on-line project tracking tool that highlights progress by partners.

Desired Qualifications:

  • College or university degree in communications, PR, marketing or equivalent
  • Ability to communicate in both English and Spanish is desired
  • 1-2 years of professional experience in a communications-related position
  • Excellent writing and communications skills, including experience writing and designing e-newsletters, flyers, fact sheets or printed media
  • Knowledge of or interest in conservation issues and work
  • Interest in working in a cross-border and cross-cultural setting
  • Ability to travel in South Texas and northern Mexico
  • Ability to engage and interact with a variety of individuals, agency, staff, and organizations to solicit communication content (primarily Joint Venture board and partners)
  • Creative thinking and good organizational skills
  • Ability to work on assigned tasks and self-developed tasks
  • Ability to reliably complete projects by deadlines or in the allotted timeframe



  • Work with the RGJV Coordinator and staff to finalize a communications workplan detailing audiences, communication activity/output and desired outcomes specific to RGJV priority geographies
  • Work with RGJV Coordinator to communicate and share information with the RGJV Management Board, as well as devising creative ways to communicate with board members. Conduct interviews with individual board members during the course of strategic planning.

Writing Projects

  • Develop templates for flyers/brochures/fact sheets and write content for same
  • Develop templates for announcing program opportunities (such as the South Texas Grasslands Reserve Incentive Program) and on-line applications
  • Design and visualization assistance
    • Work with the RGJV staff – particularly the Science Coordinator - to assist in the visual design of an on-line interactive tracking tool to showcase RGJV staff and partners’ projects and progress across the RGJV geography.
    • Interview RGJV partners to collect information (i.e., data, photos, videos, etc) about projects completed and projects contributing to conservation in the RGJV geography.


  • Keep careful and complete notes at two to four Management Board meetings (may be in person or via webinar), and provide notes within two weeks post-meeting to RGJV Coordinator and Management Board for review.
  • Draft final version of notes, with clearly articulated action items, within one month post meeting.


We are seeking to work with a Communications Specialist for 20 to 25 hours per week. In addition, some travel will be required to attend RGJV Management Board meetings and meetings with staff, and American Bird Conservancy will compensate the specialist for travel, lodging, and meal expenses following the U.S. General Services Administration per diem allowances by location. 


Please send an individual or firm resume and examples of written materials or other outreach materials available that you have created to:

Karen Chapman

Rio Grande Joint Venture Coordinator

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.