Wild Animal Husbandry Internship

Forest Animal Rescue Silver Springs, Florida
Job Type Internship

Are you a college student and would like to gain professional experience in captive wild animal care? Get a great first-hand experience by working at an accredited, non-profit sanctuary.

Work with: tigers, bears, wolves, cougars, servals, spider monkeys, capuchins, lemurs, fruit bats, horses, tortoises, and domestic cats!

With our in-depth training, here is what you’ll learn and accomplish at Forest Animal Rescue:

  • Understand the natural history of the species
  • Get to know the animals and how they came to the sanctuary
  • Understand how a TRUE sanctuary operates
  • Learn how to safely and properly work around wild and dangerous animals
  • Learn how to prepare all animals’ diets and the nutrition behind it
  • Clean animal enclosures, pools, and change water containers
  • Learn how to safely feed carnivores, primates, bats and equines
  • Learn how to groom and walk equines
  • Understand carnivore and primate behavior
  • Learn how to thoroughly observe, monitor and track animals’ health
  • Observe any vet care given. All interns may be asked to help assist with procedures or moving anesthetized animals to the degree they are trained to so.
  • Assist with animal enrichment and learn how to ensure the animal has the best quality of life
  • Interns staying 3+ months will be required to do a project: an in-depth observation or enrichment. This will enhance skills at animal monitoring.

Fall, Winter and Spring interns receive a $300/month stipend after their initial training period of 4 weeks.

Applicants must be in their second year of college in an animal related science (zoology, conservation, animal behavior, etc.)


Positions are filled year-round with immediate openings available.

To learn more and apply, visit

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.
Feeding a tiger. Uploaded by Forest Animal Rescue
Feeding a tiger. Uploaded by Forest Animal Rescue