Bureau of Land Management Multiple Locations, California
Deadline Nov 15, 2018
Job Type Paid permanent

The California Desert District manages 11 million acres of unique and diverse public land, rich in energy, mineral, recreational, cultural, historical, archaeological, and environmental resources. Positions are currently available in the following locations:

Needles, CA - The Needles Field Office is seeking a wildlife biologist to maintain and strengthen the biological programs for the Needles Field Office, including the recently designated Mojave Trails National Monument, one of the nation's largest national monuments. As the sole biologist for the office- which covers over 3 million acres of BLM-managed land- this person would be responsible for all biological review for the various projects that come from both internal and external sources. Often, this involves reviews for OHV special recreation permitting, as well as mining and utility rights of ways processing. The biologist would also be in charge of biological monitoring to ensure ESA, FLPMA, NEPA, land use plan, and other mandated requirements. Work in the field will be on a regular basis and involve driving and hiking in remote, rugged regions with mild temperatures in the winter and extremely hot conditions in the summer. Interactions and outreach with outside agencies and the public would be prominent in this position.

Palm Springs, CA - The Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office (PSSCFO) is looking for a Wildlife Biologist to perform a variety of high priority work. Our number one priority is in the renewable energy field, where biologists work closely with other staff specialists to manage habitats for both plant and animals species. This work consists of surveys, database management, NEPA, Biological Assessments, restoration work, grant writing, Off highway vehicle use, managing crews, working in extreme heat, and the ability to drive a 4 x 4 truck in the desert sand. We also work closely with other agencies, partnerships, and a variety of friends groups throughout the southern California region. We are looking for an individual with great communication skills and great team member skills.

Ridgecrest, CA
The duties of this position are developmental in nature, leading to the full performance level of GS-0486-11. Assignments become progressively more difficult until the full-performance level is reached. The incumbent may be non-competitively promoted to the target level of the position upon: meeting all regulatory requirements; certification by the supervisor of successful performance; completion of all training requirements; and the availability of work at the next higher grade level. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Assisting in preparing, evaluating and conducting biological analysis of land and water resource projects;
  • Serving on interdisciplinary teams, writing and reviewing biological input to environmental assessments, biological assessments, and development of protective stipulations, and resource management plans;
  • Coordinating wildlife and plant monitoring;
  • Providing input to environmental assessments, biological assessments, development of protective stipulations, and resource management plans;
  • Responsible for identification of impacts to wildlife habitat and Threatened and Endangered species by other resource activities.

The individual works in an office setting at this level, however, in order to gather samples and complete monitoring activities, the individual frequently may be required to walk or ride vehicles over rough terrain, perform duties that require recurring bending, crouching, stooping, reaching or lifting. Work may also include lifting of moderately heavy items, such as equipment and samples.

Much of the work is performed in an office setting. However, frequent field work is necessary to complete the work involving outdoor exposure. Outdoor exposure involves some discomfort in extremes of temperature or inclement weather. The incumbent may be subjected to hostile wildlife, chemical and physical hazards.

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