Wildlife Project Manager

Paul Smith's College

Paul Smiths , New York

Bird Safe Adirondacks is a new program which will be within the proposed Adirondack Wildlife Health Institute at Paul Smith’s College. It is modelled after national programs where a community works to ensure bird safety by decreasing bird strikes on buildings, primarily glass windows. This is incredibly important because window strikes are the second leading cause of songbird mortality worldwide. We have estimated bird mortalities on campus and for the Adirondacks. We propose to decrease these deaths by retrofitting existing buildings on campus and educating the general public about what they can do at their homes and place of work.

Term of appointment: Six 40 hour weeks during summer 2018. Flexible start and end dates.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Create real world solutions to reduce songbird deaths (~80%). The Wildlife Project Manager will be provided with scientific information about a set of tools ranging from bird decals to ornilux. Read materials, measure characteristics of buildings, speak with representatives from companies who manufacture bird safe products, construct a several plans to retrofit a couple buildings on campus, calculate costs, estimate efficacy, rank the plans in terms of efficacy and cost, and write a final report. This report will be used to apply for funding (materials and labor) to retrofit the buildings.
Public education (~20%). The Wildlife Project Manager will be provided with materials and training in order to conduct well informed public outreach sessions. These sessions will be held at a variety of public venues. Duties include producing educational materials, gathering product samples, contacting personnel for permission to visit a venue, and travel to locations. The Wildlife Project Manager will also prepare language for educational signs for our campus (to be placed in front of Freer Science Hall).


  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Applied mathematical skills.
  • Ability to manage projects.
  • Excellent education/outreach skills
  • Independent worker
  • Pursuing a degree towards managing or researching natural resources, including, but not limited to Fisheries & Wildlife Science, Natural Resource Conservation & Management, and Forestry.



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