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Urban Conservationist

West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District

Portland, OR

$5,965- $7,251 /month -- West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District...

10 days ago

Avian Project Manager

Klamath Bird Observatory

Ashland, OR

$55,000 - $56,000 -- Klamath Bird Observatory -- Assist in the implementation of long-term monitoring, effectiveness monitoring, and theoretical research....

15 days ago

Stream Restoration Crew Member / Paid Internship

Benchwood LLC

Central Point, OR

$16 - $20 /hour -- At Benchwood LLC, we specialize in placing large wood (e.g., logs, rootwads and whole tipped trees) throughout the riparian, using procedures that result in minimal environmental im...

24 days ago

Strix Owl Surveyors (NSO & Barred Owls)

Turnstone Environmental

Portland, OR

$3,120 – $4,522 /month -- Turnstone Environmental -- Conduct nighttime broadcast surveys for northern spotted owls; identify, record, and map locations of spotted owls and other owl and raptor speci...

30 days ago

Finance Director

Northwest Youth Corps

Eugene, OR

$88,000 - $90,000 -- Northwest Youth Corps...

3 days ago

Habitat Restoration Technician

Integrated Resources Management

Albany, OR

$16 /hour -- Integrated Resources Management -- Complete habitat restoration projects....

9 days ago

Online Ecosystem Management Master's

Penn State World Campus

100% Online

Prepare to lead the management of natural resources and keep up with rapid changes in applications and methodology by earning an Ecosystem Management degree or certificate online through Penn State World Campus.