Marine Surveyor

Marine Resources Commission

Northampton , Virginia

Full-time position on the Eastern shore, with full scope of responsibility for surveys of public oyster grounds, new lease applications, leases to be transferred and resurveying existing leases as required. Prepares and updates base maps of assigned areas; assist Habitat Management, Law Enforcement, and Fisheries Management in establishing lease lines boundaries, public ground boundaries, shellfish condemnation areas, artificial reef locations, and fixed fishing devices, etc. May research records at Court House for titles and deeds; addresses request from leaseholders, public, Federal, State and local government officials as required.  

Minimum Qualifications Requires knowledge of conventional and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) surveying principles and processing, and applicable mathematics. Must be able to interact with a diverse population; have a high school education or the equivalent with college level courses in surveying, mathematics, and trigonometry. Prefer 2 years GPS and 2 years of Marine Surveying; experience in boat handling and be able to swim. Selected candidate must have a valid Virginia drivers license.

Physical requirements: Sitting, standing, walking, and lifting up to 50 pounds. Position requires that incumbent perform weekly field work.  


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