High Desert Conservation District

Cortez, Colorado

Job Type Permanent
Salary Details $16.00 /hour


This position serves to coordinate and manage all activities of the High Desert Conservation District (HDCD) as well as to conduct the day to day business of the District.

JOB SUMMARY: The District Manager (DM) serves as the primary contact and interface between individuals and groups seeking information or services from the District. The DM coordinates District involvement in a variety of programs and activities with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, other units of government, individuals and organizations. The DM possesses a working knowledge of all HDCD activities and facilitates the functions of the DCD Board.

LOCATION: The position is housed in the USDA Service Center in Cortez, Colorado. The position is classified as a non-exempt part-time position. No benefits are awarded to this employee.



-Prepares and maintains accurate employee payroll records and pays payroll taxes.

-Prepares and delivers signed pay checks to employees as approved by the Board.

-Prepares and maintains accurate financial records of the District including accounts payable and receivable.

-Performs all banking responsibilities including statement reconciliation.

-Provides the Board with an accurate monthly financial statement. Works closely with the Board treasurer.

-Prepares required reports and reimbursement requests for Basin Salinity Technicians.

-Provides information required of annual audit or review as appropriate

Board management and reporting

-Plan and coordinate regular board meetings at which current business information is provided

  • Prepare and e-mail an agenda to Board members one week prior to meetings.
  • Takes minutes at Board meetings and prepares a report of Board actions and resolutions that is sent to Board members for review prior to next meeting.
  • Provide DM report of activities and progress by the DM since the last Board meeting.

-Plan and coordinate workgroup meetings as directed by Board

-Develop annual work plans and budgets for board approval and monitor their success with end-of-the-year reports

-Maintain appropriate board representation and training materials

-Develop and maintain materials required by CSCB and DOLA to include all legal documents necessary for policy decisions.

-Coordinate Board of Supervisors’s involvement in fundraising assistance

Agency relationships

-Develop, finalize and monitor all necessary legal documents, including operating plans, work plans, partnership agreements and funding for specific projects

-Maintain good working relationships with the sponsoring agency, NRCS by attending weekly NRCS meetings and other requested meetings and events

-Develops good working relationships with neighboring Conservation Districts


–Prepares according to schedule, various reports, budgets, plans and requests.

-Prepares offer of employment, new employee packets, and annual contracts for employee signature.

-Organizes District sponsored meetings, workshops and events.

-Maintains accessible and organized District files.

-Initiates public information programs through various media and groups including schools.

-Assists in the coordination of all activities and oversees annual workplan projects

-Prepare and publish annual calendar of District meetings and events

Seedling Tree and Conservation Material Sales

-Advertises and promotes tree and material sales.

-Orders trees and materials for sales.

-Keeps inventory.

-Organizes pick up for trees and materials.

-Reports to Board on cost and income of program.

- Maintain No-Till Drill Rental.

Grants and Funding Sources

-Seeks new funding sources for the District.

-Manages and maintains current funding.

-Tracks and meets requirements of awarded grants including reporting and claim submittal requirements

-Maintains positive relationships with funders

Promotion of District

-Interacts with government, non-government organizations, businesses, local agencies, and the community at large to create awareness of the Dolores Conservation District and the three year strategic plan adopted by the Board of Directors.

-Develops good working relations and maintains all legal documents then insure partnership work with the Colorado State Conservation Board, Colorado Association of Conservation Districts, and ex-officio partner Colorado State Extension.

-Develop relationships with all media so as to be the primary media contact for the organization

-Develop informational brochures, press releases and press kits that inform the public about the organization

-Oversee all press releases about programs and projects

-Supervise the planning and implementation for at least three e-mail announcements of conservation projects or events annually

-Oversee the development and updates to websites and public media presenting District information

-Attend and present at conferences or workshops that help provide direction or ideas for future program development

-Represent HDCD as a member of at least two community organizations i.e. Ag Roundtable, Food Task Force, Cortez Cultural Center, Cortez Chamber of Commerce.

-Provides information to customers on retail products


The DM will report directly to the President of the Board or to another Board member as designated by the President. The Board establishes the work schedule, sets the pay scale, and conducts employee evaluation of the DM. The Board approves all other personnel matters.


*Enthusiasm for Conservation

*Knowledge and/or experience with local agriculture

*Proficiency in QuickBooks

*Ability to organize and work independently

*Willingness to work cooperatively with Board and other organizations

*Ability to develop rapport with public and cooperative organizations

*Basic bookkeeping skills

*Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook and the internet

*Proficient in social marketing and social marketing skills

Wages are paid on the 15th and the last day of the month.

The DM position is currently funded for 24 hours per week

An initial 6 month evaluation will be conducted by the Board at which time it will be determined if the DM is suitable for the position. Providing that performance is acceptable, further reviews will be conducted annually in the month of the employment anniversary. Performance will be judged using the DM Position Description as a guide.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: $16.00 /hour


Email Resume to info@highdesertconservation.org 

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.