District Wildlife Biologist

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Enterprise, Oregon

Job Type Permanent
Salary Details $65,184 to $96,180 annually
Deadline Jun 08, 2023
Required Experience 2 - 6 years
Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, Wallowa Mountains

Manage and steward wildlife resources in one of Oregon's most species rich and scenic districts! The Wallowa District includes mule deer, rocky mountain elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, wolves, cougars, bears, and various game birds and non-game wildlife. Conduct fieldwork in the beautiful Wallowa Mountains and Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, Hells Canyon, and the scenic Wallowa Valley. 

The District Wildlife Biologist leads wildlife management programs in the Wallowa District, and conducts biological surveys on various species including big game, and non-game species. Surveys may take place in helicopter, fixed-wing aircraft, vehicle, foot, horseback, or ATV. This position analyzes survey data and combines with public and agency input to determine hunting seasons, regulations, and area delineations; which may include arranging special controlled hunts, emergency hunts, hunt cancellations, or area closures.

This position oversees wildlife capture and tracking operations utilizing a variety of techniques and tools to immobilize wildlife, collect biological samples, administer medical treatments, and apply identification and tracking hardware. Duties would also include compiling capture information such as tag/band/frequency numbers, sampling data, and relevant notes. Subsequently, this position will write summary reports and relocate animals from aircraft or ground following capture.

In addition, this position assists landowners with wildlife damage, including conducting depredation investigations in a timely manner and consistent with ODFW protocols. After evaluations and investigation are complete, recommend preventive and corrective options to the landowner including short and long term options consistent with department wildlife plans and policies.

District staff respond to sick, injured, or nuisance wildlife calls. This may require providing education and assistance to the public on applicable laws, guidance, and prevention or corrective measures. It may also include removal of the animal which often requires the assistance of USDA Wildlife Services agents, state agents, and local law enforcement.

The District Wildlife Biologist cooperates with the Regional Habitat Biologist to implement habitat improvement actions throughout the District. This includes coordinating with private landowners by developing cooperative habitat improvement projects. This position also maintains awareness and involvement in local land use initiatives; which includes reading pertinent land use documents, bulletins, and updates from private, county, state, and federal constituents. 

District staff foster and maintain close working relationships with the community, hunters, and landowners in the District. Staff maintain an ODFW presence during hunting seasons and provide education and advice. In addition, our district staff work with Oregon State Police as needed on enforcement issues. The District Wildlife Biologist provides a wide provides a wide variety of information regarding wildlife management programs to professional colleagues and to the public in the form of conference and meeting attendance, telephone and videoconference conversations, participation in public events, and presentations delivered to multiple constituent groups.

This is management position, as the District Wildlife Biologist supervises staff in the Wallowa Wildlife District. Duties also include maintaining office facilities and field equipment, establishing priorities, planning and assigning work to staff, and providing performance and hiring input in coordination with the Grande Ronde Watershed District Manager.

Requested skills for a District Wildlife Biologist include:

  • Managing wildlife resources for a state, federal, or tribal agency
  • Delivering immobilization drugs to capture and handle large ungulates and carnivores
  • Conducting biological surveys on wildlife
  • Working on damage or public safety complaints
  • Creating and delivering presentations to the public
  • Assessing the impact of proposed land/waterway development actions on wildlife habitat
  • Developing recommendations for hunting regulations, seasons related to harvest or taking of wildlife species
  • Summarizing and analyzing datasets pertaining to wildlife populations

Candidates can apply online at: https://oregon.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/SOR_External_Career_Site/job/Enterprise--ODFW/Supervising-Fish-and-Wildlife-Biologist--District-Wildlife-Biologist-_REQ-125396

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Category Ecology, Wildlife
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