Forestry Technician (Timber Stand Improvement)

US Forest Service Multiple Locations, Virginia
Deadline Apr 22, 2019
Job Type Seasonal / temporary


Inspects contracts for reforestation, timber stand improvement, or genetic tree improvement work such as planting, thinning, fertilizing, release, stand exam, cone collection, site preparation, and animal damage control.

Examines plantations to determine present tree stocking and survival, tree species and conditions, presence of plantable areas for replanting or interplanting, competing vegetation species and density, and evidence of animal, insect or disease damage.

Collects and classifies cones as to species and condition, and selects trees for tree improvement and reforestation cone collection.

Assists in preparation of contracts for planting, thinning, fertilization, release, etc., by performing unit traverse, map preparation, and providing data for contract preparation and unit examination.

Plants trees and releases trees from vegetative competition by manual or chemical methods.

As assigned, performs resource work in other areas, such as inspecting wildlife contracts, fire suppression, or burning slash.

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Category Forestry