NOAA SETSS TPO Writer/Editor


Fairfax, Virginia

Job Type Permanent
Salary Details Starting at $55,500.00
Required Experience 7+ years

Job Summary:

The NOAA Technology Partnerships Office (TPO) within NOAA's Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR) has the mission to serve NOAA and the U.S. economy by transferring NOAA's scientific and technological innovations to commercial applications, facilitating strategic public-private partnerships, and investing in small business research and development related to NOAA's mission areas. Success across each of these mission areas is heavily reliant upon our ability to communicate, both internally and externally, on a regular basis using clear language that is appropriate for the audience.

The purpose of this position is to scientific writing and editing support to the NOAA Technology Partnerships Office (TPO).

Responsibilities Include:

  • Website and Social Media Communication Support:
    • Coordinate communications requirements
    • Develop themes, schedules, and content for updates to the external website, internal Google Site, and social media platforms
    • Develop written content and input into the appropriate system (WordPress, Google Site, Twitter, LinkedIn) for management approval.
    • Coordinate with program managers and other technical SMEs to develop content for a newsletter, as well as updates for NOAA management
    • Work with the customer stakeholders to ensure tasks are on track.
  • Develop and upload marketing content for the NOAA Technology Marketplace and the related Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Business Site.
    • Work with customer stakeholders to ensure tasks remain on track.
    • Research and source content to support the ongoing development of the NOAA Technology Marketplace.
    • Develop clear and compelling public summaries of NOAA and NOAA-funded technologies from complex scientific and legal documents, such as patents and white papers.
    • Identify and write up benefits statements for each technology that are clear and compelling.
    • Upload and format final technology content through existing TPO content management systems.
    • Work with customer stakeholders to upload NOAA technology content to the FLC Business website.
    • Regularly review content to ensure listings are current.
  • Identify and develop engaging stories depicting successful activities resulting from the efforts of TPO staff.
    • Research and source content to support the development of success stories for the TPO, the Technology Transfer Program and the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.
    • Interview appropriate sources to elicit information for each story, as needed.
    • Develop complete stories with supporting imagery in standard word processing formats (Google Docs, Microsoft Word)
    • Upon successful completion and approval, upload content to the TPO website.
    • Develop related marketing materials through social media and other formats to promote the content and drive viewers to the TPO website.
  • Support the TPO Director and Deputy to promote TPO's partnership with The Maritime Alliance, participation in the TMA Blue Tech Week, and support for the New Blue Economy.
    • Develop marketing material leading up to TPO's participation in Blue Tech Week in November 2022.
    • Develop and conduct technology discovery for NOAA innovations to feature at Blue Tech Week.
    • Attend meetings related to Blue Tech Week or the New Blue Economy.
    • Support the virtual meetings and seminars leading up to Blue Tech Week in coordination with The Maritime Alliance staff

Required Qualifications and Skills:

  • Ability to obtain a Public Trust clearance
  • BA/BS in English, Journalism, or a scientific/environmental/technical discipline
  • At least 8 years of professional and/or academic experience (including internships)
  • Advanced degrees or certifications may qualify for shorter periods of experience
  • Ability to effectively translate complex scientific concepts into clear and widely understandable text

Work Setting and Environment:

  • Work is to be performed remotely
  • Monday - Friday, 8 hrs a day/40 hrs a week
  • On-site federal contractors, in federal buildings or on federal lands must comply with CDC guidelines with respect to wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and other public health measures.

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