Silicon Valley Climate Corps

Our City Forest - AmeriCorps

San Jose, California

Job Type AmeriCorps
Salary Details $30,000
Deadline Aug 18, 2024
Required Experience 0 - 1 years

Join the Silicon Valley Climate Corps with Our City Forest and earn a $30,000 living stipend and a $10,000 education award while combating climate change!  Gain knowledge and skills and grow your professional network in the environmental field at the same time. Engage community members in the appreciating, protection, growth, and maintenance of our urban ecosystem, especially our urban forest. Plan and execute restoration projects throughout San Jose, Milpitas, and Gilroy. Apply on our website or the AmeriCorps website. General applications due 08/18/2024. 

Company Description: Our City Forest is an urban forestry non-profit organization located in San Jose, CA. Our mission is to cultivate a green and sustainable urban ecosystem in San José by engaging community members in the appreciation, protection, growth, and maintenance of our urban forest. Since 1994, we have planted over 76,000 trees across San Jose.

Role Description: This is a full-time, on-site role for a Silicon Valley Climate Corps member at Our City Forest. As a Climate Corps member, you will be responsible for supporting climate change adaptation and climate change mitigation initiatives. Your day-to-day tasks will involve analyzing climate data, developing and implementing strategies to address climate challenges, and working collaboratively with community members and stakeholders to promote sustainable practices. After orientation you will be assigned a primary team, but will support other teams when needed throughout the year. The teams are: Tree Planting, Tree Care, Lawn Busters, Community Outreach, and Community Nursery.

All members will:

  • be trained on the best practices of maintaining a green and healthy urban forest in the Silicon Valley
  • strive to build capacity in the community and maximize volunteer participation in their individual programs, acting as coaches and coordinators
  • conduct outreach to residents and businesses to educate on best urban forestry practices and the importance of environmental stewardship
  • provide friendly, professional customer service
  • actively seek opportunities for greening projects
  • engage in Field work to implement restoration and planting projects 

Team and Project Descriptions:

1. Planting Team: The Planting Program engages the community in tree-planting events throughout the year educating the community about the importance of trees. Urban forestry has proven to provide many health, environmental, and social benefits to residents of cities. From mitigating the Urban Heat Island Effect, intercepting rainwater, capturing particulate matter, enhancing urban green space, and providing habitat, Our City Forest is dedicated to improving the canopy of Silicon Valley. 

2. Tree Care Team: Every new tree requires follow-up care to grow, making tree care essential to support investment. The SVCC Tree Care Team oversees service for trees in public spaces such as parks, street trees, and schools. Engage the community by providing pruning workshops and volunteer opportunities. Our City Forest is dedicated to making sure trees are cared for and provides truck watering services for many trees in the public right of ways to ensure public street trees are established properly. 

3. Lawn Busters Team: The Lawn Busters program converts traditional turf lawns into drought tolerant landscapes. The Lawn Busters Team will provide environmental education that promotes soil and water conservation efforts. Converted landscapes reduce water usage for residents, reduce runoff from rain events, create habitat for pollinators and wildlife, and create an understory throughout Silicon Valley.

4. Community Nursery Team: Engage the public in the field at OCF's 2-acrea Community Nursery. Care for hundreds of biodiverse trees and shrubs species using best management practices. The Nursery connects urban residents with environmental programming and teaches residents the importance of tree care, native landscapes, and plant propagation. 


Apply on our website or the AmeriCorps website

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.

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