Communications Service Provider

Carbon A List

Hotchkiss, Colorado

Job Type Permanent
Salary Details $220000
Required Experience 7+ years

About Carbon A List

Carbon A List is a climate action instigator specialized in navigating the burgeoning opportunities for climate action, especially, but not limited to, the land sector. Our mission is to help clients and partners unlock climate action in a way that creates equity, transparency, and continuous improvement. Carbon A List offers strategic consulting, methodology development and design, and project development services to a wide range of climate-centric organizations. 

About the Grant

We are leveraging our expertise and positioning to deliver on a $70 million U.S. Department of Agriculture Partnership for Climate Smart Commodities grant (“the Grant”). Serving as a collaboration between industry partners, the Grant is designed to develop end-to-end supply chain partnerships with the goal of both producing climate smart commodities and marketing them via brands and retailers to consumers. In coordination with its Project Partners and Service Providers, Carbon A List aims to enroll more than 350 participating farms in its climate-smart commodity incentive programs.

About the Request

Carbon A List seeks strategic Communications Services to develop and implement an approach for enhancing engagement with our agricultural, government, and corporate partners. Our project focuses on creating and marketing climate-smart commodities, requiring effective communication across all levels of supply chain, from producers to consumers.

This Request for Proposals (RFP) invites Service Providers with expertise in strategic planning, media relations, stakeholder engagement, and asset development. We aim to partner with a provider adept at crafting long-term communications strategies, building robust media relationships, driving stakeholder collaboration, and amplifying our program impact beyond our 5-year grant period.

The ideal Service Provider will exhibit a strong ability to map out comprehensive communications strategies, facilitate media training, enhance stakeholder engagement, and leverage analytical insights for continuous improvement. Additionally, we value creativity in developing visual and digital communications to effectively convey our mission and impact. We seek a partner dedicated to working alongside our team to foster programmatic growth, enhance our engagement efforts, and build trust within the climate-smart commodity markets.

Scope of Work

Communications Strategy & Governance:

  • Create a forward-looking communications strategy that aligns with our long-term goals.
  • Establish a clear team structure to manage our partnerships effectively.
  • Define what success looks like with us and program partners, setting clear targets and advising on best practices for continuous improvement.
  • Map out a multi-year plan for communications to support the growth of our program.
  • Implement a system for overseeing our communications efforts.

Media Relations & Training:

  • Leverage and grow your existing network to forge valuable connections with the media to boost our visibility.
  • Prepare our team and stakeholders for media interactions with specialized training.
  • Engage with media and other outlets to spread our message far and wide.
  • Provide training to Carbon A List and key stakeholders to enhance program-wide communications.

Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration:

  • Lead development of a Partner-wide communications strategy, ensuring consistency across all Grant communications.
  • Facilitate regular meetings with Grant Partners' Communications Committee.
  • Develop a detailed plan to keep stakeholders informed and engaged with our mission.
  • Regularly review our engagement strategies to ensure they remain aligned with our objectives.
  • Engage to support the program Advisory Committee.

Asset Development:

  • Partner on content development to ensure strategic alignment and advise on best practices.
  • Co-create a communications toolkit for consistent and effective communication.
  • Produce compelling visual content for strategic communication initiatives across social media, presentations, and web

The total anticipated budget for this work is expected to remain under $220,000, and will not exceed $249,999 for the duration of the contract, which will not go beyond the period of performance end date of June 12, 2028. Providers are encouraged to demonstrate cost-efficiency and value in their financial proposals without compromising the quality and comprehensiveness of the services offered.   

Furthermore, we invite proposers to consider offering tiers of service within their proposed budget. This approach should delineate a range of service options, allowing Carbon A List to select the level of service that best aligns with our current needs and financial constraints. 

Proposals should clearly outline the scope of services provided at each proposed tier, including a detailed breakdown of costs associated with each level of service. This tiered offering will enable us to make an informed decision that balances our financial limitations with our requirements for effective and efficient accounting services. 

Proposal Submission Deadline Date: April 4, 2024 by 11:59 PM ET

See the full job description with Proposal Requirements, Evaluation Criteria, and Submission Guidelines by visiting the job link on our website: https://www.transformf2c.com/communications-services


Proposal Submission Deadline Date: April 4, 2024 by 11:59 PM ET -- Applications will only be considered that are submitted through our job link: https://www.transformf2c.com/communications-services

See the full job description with Proposal Requirements, Evaluation Criteria, and Submission Guidelines by visiting the job link on our website: https://www.transformf2c.com/communications-services

When you apply, please indicate that you are responding to the posting on Conservation Job Board.

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